overseas visitors visa instructions

New Zealand Visa
If you are travelling on a passport from a Visa-free country (see below), then you will be
issued with a New Zealand Visitor Visa when you arrive in New Zealand. To obtain this,
you should have with you your personalised letter of paper acceptance/invitation to the
conference to show to the immigration officials.
If you are not travelling on a passport from a Visa-free country, then you will need to
apply for a Visitors Visa at your nearest New Zealand embassy and have received this
before you travel to New Zealand. Your application for a visitor’s visa (see link below)
should include your personalised letter of paper acceptance/invitation to the conference.
We have confirmed with the Immigration Department that even if you are presenting at
the conference, you need a Visitor Visa, not a work visa, as you are not being paid.
In addition, whether or not you arrive with a Visa you may be required to show the
following at the border:
 Proof of plans to leave New Zealand such as:
confirmed or open-dated travel tickets out of New Zealand to a country
you may rightfully enter
a letter from an airline or travel agent to say your travel has been booked
and paid for
a declaration by a New Zealand sponsor that they’ll meet the cost of your
travel back to your home country once you’ve completed your visit.
 Funds for maintenance (NZ $1000 per person per month of stay).
 A valid and acceptable travel document (valid for 3 months after departure date from
NZ) for a stay of up to 3 months (or up to 6 months for UK citizens).
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