Additional information for applying to Kings College

Students are required to have a Tier 4 Visa for Medical Electives. The process is
that: King’s College will issue the student a “Confirmation of Acceptance of Study”
letter and number (CAS number) but, the student must apply for and obtain the
Tier 4 Visa before arrival in the UK. Students without a Tier 4 Visa will not be able
to take the elective. This applies to students undertaking clinical placements within
one of our four trust hospitals.
Students undertaking a research placement can apply for a Student Visitor Visa
and will not be classed as "working placements" by the UK. If a student does not
have a Student Visitor Visa, he/she will not be enrolled at King's.
Students need to provide evidence that they have malpractice insurance. If not, then
students will be placed in a hands-off/observership placement.