Specialist Community Children`s Healthcare The Children`s

Specialist Community Children’s Healthcare
The Children’s Directorate brings together all the
specialist community services for children and young
people across Birmingham and offers a co-ordinated
approach for child health care.
We work closely with local acute paediatric services, maintain good
links to other local providers of care for children, including the
Primary Care Trusts, Birmingham City Council Children’s Service
and Voluntary agencies.
Our aim is to deliver high quality, cost
effective and evidenced based practice in
partnership with the children, young people
and families that we serve.
For further information or advice contact:Anne Aukett, Director of Children’s Services or
Donna Darbyshire/Pat Hackett, Associate Directors
Carnegie Centre
Hunters Road
Birmingham B19 1DR
Tel: 0121 465 3756
Service Specification March 07
Specialist Community Children’s Healthcare
Paediatric physiotherapy is the treatment, by physical
means, of conditions seen in children, which affect or
compromise normal childhood development. The
Community Paediatric Physiotherapy Service provides
assessment and treatment/management for children and
young people referred from across the whole of
Birmingham, working closely with families, other carers
and other professionals to enable them to manage the
child/young person’s needs. The service is delivered
within children’s homes, special schools, mainstream
schools, Child Development Centres and health centres.
Our aims are to:
 Enable children and young people to reach their full potential
 Maximise function and independence and promote normal movement
 Prevent or limit contractures and deformity
 Improve quality of life
This is a large service which includes Physiotherapists, Physiotherapy Assistants and
support staff.
Referrals are accepted from Doctors and other Therapists, and we also accept referrals
from the Education Outreach Service. Parents and Health Visitors who request an
assessment may be asked to first seek a doctor’s opinion. A referral form can be found
on our website at:http://www.southbirminghampct.nhs.uk/_services/childrens/docs/ReferralForm.pdf
The Head of the Paediatric Physiotherapy Service is Sarah Tomlinson and her contact
details are:
Lansdowne Health Centre
34 Lansdowne Street
Winson Green
B18 7EE
Telephone 0121 465 4273/4
Service Specification March 07
Specialist Community Children’s Healthcare
The Paediatric Occupational Therapy Service aims to help children
to maximise their abilities to become more independent in everyday
life. We support children in their abilities to increase their
independence with bathing, dressing, feeding and taking part in
classroom activities and their play. We adapt the task or the
environment to suit the child and ensure they have maximum
The service is for children who have functional difficulties with one or more areas in
their daily life. Priority is given to children in the following situations:
Children who have a terminal illness
Children diagnosed as having a deteriorating condition
Urgent equipment needs (child/carer at risk)
Children requiring ongoing treatment who have transferred from outside of
Birmingham locality
Where intervention is required at a critical transition time, e.g. pre nursery,
primary or secondary education
Exceptional social circumstances
The service can be accessed via a written referral from Doctors, Physiotherapists,
Speech & Language Therapists, Psychologists, Outreach Teachers, or Occupational
Therapists outside of the Birmingham locality.
This service is currently being reviewed as the demand for the service far outweighs the
funded staff establishment. In order to ensure that the finite resources are targeted
to deliver the best possible outcomes for the children seen, we are currently revisiting
referral criteria and how best to work in partnership with other professionals. The
service will transfer to be directly provided by the Directorate as of April 2007 and we
will be accepting referrals for children under 7 years, 11 months, whilst the service is
The Team Leader for Occupational Therapy is Clare Tooth and her contact details are:
Paediatric Occupational Therapy Service
Waterlinks House, 5th Floor
Richard Street, Nechells
Birmingham B7 4AA
Tel: 0121 465 8551
Service Specification March 07
Specialist Community Children’s Healthcare
A service is provided for children from birth to 19 with
communication and/or feeding difficulties. This
includes client related assessment, diagnosis and
intervention. An enabling training programme is also
delivered to groups involved in the care and/ or service
delivery to children across multi agency settings.
There is an emphasis in the Speech and Language Therapy Service on collaborative
working, supporting others to work most effectively with children.
This is a large service, which includes Speech and Language Therapists, Speech and
Language Therapy Assistants and support staff.
The service offered to the children is carried out within health centres, special schools,
mainstream schools and nurseries, special educational units, Child Development Centres
and with the children at home.
There is an open referral system to the Speech and Language Therapy Service and
details on how to refer and a referral form can be found on our website at
We currently only accept telephone referrals to the service from parents.
The Head of Speech and Language Therapy is Emma Mays and her contact details are:
Children’s Speech and Language Therapy
Victoria School
Bell Hill
Birmingham B31 1LD
Tel: 0121 411 1109
Service Specification March 07
Specialist Community Children’s Healthcare
In the South of the City, the Paediatric Eye Service is delivered
by the Directorate. Elsewhere across the city, this is provided
from the 3 respective acute hospitals (Birmingham and Midland Eye
Centre, Good Hope Hospital and The Heart of England Foundation
Trust). Every child is offered an eye test during their reception
year in school. This service is offered in all primary schools in Birmingham, Special
Schools and Child Development Centres. During the eye-screening, the child’s eyes are
tested for squints, for visual co-ordination difficulties and for any other visual problems.
The south service currently has a small team of qualified staff who in the community
setting, treat eye problems detected as part of the screening service. If additional
specialist advice or treatment is required, children in the south of the City are referred
to The Birmingham Children’s Hospital.
The Head of the Paediatric Eye Service is Ruth Wickens who can be contacted at
Quinton Lane Care Centre. Other centres are also listed below.
Broadmeadow Health Centre
Keynell Covert
Kings Norton
B30 3QT
Tel: 0121 433 4949
Northfield Health Centre
15 St Heliers Road
B31 1QT
Tel: 0121 478 2000
Quinton Lane Care Centre
27 Quinton Lane
B32 2TR
Tel: 0121 427 2511
Hall Green Health
979 Stratford Road
Hall Green
B28 8BU
Tel: 0121 325 6059 / 6058
Service Specification March 07
Specialist Community Children’s Healthcare
Special School Nurses undertake a range of activities
within 33 special schools and 6 behaviour units across
Birmingham, aimed at improving the health of children at
school and promoting healthy lifestyles in adulthood.
This is supported through:
Undertaking health interviews and screen for vision, hearing and growth to identify
health problems early and start appropriate care and referrals.
Implementing immunisation programmes within the school setting.
Offering health education, support and advice to individual pupils during confidential
drop-in sessions.
Assisting with the identification of children who are at risk of failing to reach their
full potential due to neglect, abuse or family dysfunction.
Working with teachers and other agencies to provide ongoing support for children and
parents or carers experiencing a range of difficulties, such as bed-wetting, substance
abuse and behavioural problems.
Clinical treatment, monitoring and support for children with additional health care
needs and/ or disability.
Education and support to school staff concerning children who require medication.
Delivering health education sessions within schools as part of the National Curriculum.
Topics may include nutrition, smoking cessation, puberty and healthy lifestyles.
Within the Special School Nursing Service there are approximately 25 full and part time
staff, including qualified nurses, nursing assistants and support staff.
The Team Leader for the Special School Nursing Service is Sarah Cox her contact
telephone number is 0121 627 1627 Ext 53401.
The Senior Manager is June Blackwell, whose contact details are:
Carnegie Centre
Hunters Road
Birmingham B19 1DR
Tel: 0121 465 3752
Service Specification March 07
Specialist Community Children’s Healthcare
There are a number of nursing services offering specialist advice and training to other
staff and agencies as follows:
Immunisation Nurse
The Immunisation Nurse provides training and advice to School Nurses and others
undertaking immunisation programmes with children. We have one qualified nurse in this
post. The current post holder also undertakes various mandatory training sessions for
Directorate staff (i.e. Conflict Resolution, Diversity, Confidentiality and Healthcare,
Nurse Advisors, Medical Needs in Schools and Pre School Settings
The Nurse Advisors provide training to Education staff in relation to management of
severe allergies and common disorders such as asthma, within the school setting. There
are currently 7 qualified nurses in this service, 2 support staff. The pre-school element
of the service is funded through Early Years and this includes 3 qualified nurses.
Respite Care Nurse Educators (based at Barbara Hart House)
The Nurse Educators provide training to Social Care staff and foster carers about
clinical procedures required to enable children with chronic nursing needs to access Local
Authority respite care. The team consists of 2 part-time qualified nurses and one part
time clerical officer.
ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) Nurse
The ADHD Nurse offers support and training to children, families and education staff
relating to the management of ADHD, mainly within North East Birmingham and follows
up children who attend ADHD clinics at Heartlands Hospital.
The Senior Manager of the Specialist Nursing Services is June Blackwell and her contact
details are:
Carnegie Centre
Hunters Road
Birmingham B19 1DR
Tel: 0121 465 3752
Service Specification March 07
Specialist Community Children’s Healthcare
Barbara Hart House provides respite nursing care for
children aged 0 – 19 years with chronic illness or
disability. In addition, it provides some day care for
pre-school children with similar needs.
The 6 bedded unit is open 3 to 4 days and nights per week but does not deliver a 24
hour, 365 day service. The unit aims to provide a homely, safe environment and a range
of activities for children with support and expertise on hand from our qualified
Children’s Nurses and Nursing Assistants.
We are currently working with Birmingham City Council Children’s Service to develop
closer working and to improve assessment and provision for respite care for children
with additional health needs.
The unit has a team of approximately 10 staff working full and part-time and is made up
of qualified nurses, nursing assistants and support staff.
Contact details for Barbara Hart House Respite Care are shown below.
Unit Manager
Barbara Hart House
132 Monyhull Hall Road
Kings Norton
B30 3QJ
Telephone 0121 451 3721
Service Specification March 07
Specialist Community Children’s Healthcare
Community Children’s Nurses provide highly skilled nursing care for children with acute
and chronic health needs within their own home.
The nurses support children and their families with their health needs through
assessment, care and treatment. The team provides support and education for parents
on clinical and emotional needs of the child and family. They also provide advice and
education to health professionals and teachers about nursing care for children.
The Nurses work closely with G.P.s and hospital staff and refer on to other health
professionals and agencies as and when appropriate.
The CCN service has a team of approximately 25 full and part time. There are, in
addition, a small team that make up the Palliative Care ‘Footprints’ Service. This team is
made up of qualified nurses, community workers and support staff. The Footprints team
works closely with the Consultant Community Paediatrician with an interest in palliative
care and other agencies such as the Acorns Hospice. The service was set up via funding
from Big Lottery which has now been mainstream funded and will support families with
children with life-limiting conditions enabling them to remain at home for the terminal
phase of their life.
To make a referral to the CCN and Palliative Care Team visit our website on
If you wish to contact the team, details are given below:SOUTH BIRMINGHAM
Telephone 0121 627 8732
Telephone 0121 465 5444
Telephone 0121 465 5444
Saturday / Sunday / Bank Holidays - 0121 693 4171
Service Specification March 07
Specialist Community Children’s Healthcare
Child Protection Service
The Child Protection Service provides training and clinical supervision on all aspects of
child protection for staff working in the Birmingham Primary Care Trusts, and when
requested, staff from other Trusts.
All members of this Specialist Nursing Team are Health Visitors with additional training
and experience within the child protection area and there is a named Specialist Nurse
Advisor for each Primary Care Trust.
There is a small team of staff within the Safeguarding Children Service, which includes
qualified nursing and support staff.
Paediatric Liaison Health Visiting Service
The Paediatric Liaison Health Visiting Services offers effective communication between
primary, secondary and tertiary care, which facilitates continuity of care for the
clients/children and their families.
A follow-up service of children attending Accident and Emergency Departments is
carried out, in order that ‘best’ care is given. The service aims to reduce the accident
and emergency attendance of children by education and liaison, in order that care is
given in an appropriate setting.
The team also offers promotion and advance continuity in child protection cases by
liaising with hospital and community staff to facilitate decision making and formulate
care packages.
There is a small team of staff in the Liaison Health Visiting Team, consisting of qualified
health visitors and service support staff.
To contact a member of the Liaison Health Visiting Team, please see details below:
Birmingham Children's Hospital Team - 0121 459 9604
City Hospital Team - 0121 465 4254
Good Hope Hospital Team - 0121 378 2211 ext:2558
Heartlands Hospital Team - 0121 465 2509
Service Specification March 07
Specialist Community Children’s Healthcare
This team provides non-qualified nursing assistance to doctor-led health assessment
clinics for Looked After Children. The qualified nursing staff run nurse led health
assessments and deliver a ‘health promotion service’ to Looked After populations. The
staff also provide training to Birmingham City Council staff, such as foster carers and
social workers on health related issues, provide health promotion in a home setting and
perform liaison work following health assessments. There is a small team providing this
service, of which one post is currently funded from the Local Authority.
The Head of Safeguarding Children Service is Marie Dulewski and her contact details
Head of Safeguarding Children Service
Carnegie Centre
Hunters Road
Birmingham B19 1DR
Tel: 0121 465 3763
Service Specification March 07
Specialist Community Children’s Healthcare
We currently have five Child Development Centres (CDCs) covering all three Birmingham
PCT areas.
The service within each of the CDC’s is delivered by a multi-disciplinary team made up
from a range of professionals in partnership with the child’s parent/carer to pre-school
children who have complex developmental conditions. As well as working directly with
the child and family, the service liaises with and provides advice to the Local Authority
and contributes towards statements and reviews under the Education Act together with
responsibilities relating to social services under the Children Act. It is important that
each CDC has comprehensive local knowledge and close working relationships with
primary care, education, social care, parents and voluntary groups in order to provide the
best possible packages of care.
The five CDCs are listed below.
Birmingham Community Children’s Centre, 61 Bacchus Road, Winson Green, B18
4QY, Tel. No. 0121 507 9500
Maas Road Child and Family Centre, 142 Maas Road, Northfield, B31 2PR,
Tel. No. 0121 476 6969
Park House Child and Family Centre, Park Road, Sparkhill, Birmingham, B11 4JB,
Tel. No. 0121 773 8400
Child Development Centre, Birmingham Heartlands Hospital, Bordesley Green East,
B9 5SS, Tel. No. 424 3688
Child Development Centre, Castle Vale Health Centre, Tangmere Drive, Castle
Vale, Birmingham B35 7QX, Tel: 465 1582
The Senior Manager of the CDCs is Jenny Caton and her contact details are:
Carnegie Centre
Hunters Road
Birmingham B19 1DR
Tel: 0121 465 3752
Service Specification March 07
Specialist Community Children’s Healthcare
Community Paediatricians are doctors experienced in child health who offer high quality
services centred on the child and family. These medical services are provided for both
pre-school and school age children and their families and carers. This is usually up to age
16 but, for some children with special needs, may be up to age 19.
Our services include: Specialist Community Paediatric Clinics for children with developmental and
other problems
 Health services for children who are looked after and children in need
 Medical advice on adoption and fostering
 Child Development Centres
 Child Protection
 School Medical Service
 A ‘Well Children’ Service which includes Child Health Surveillance and
 Advice to Birmingham City Council Children’s Service
 Close working with local hospitals
Children can be seen at home, Health Centres and Clinics, GP surgeries, Good Hope,
Heartlands and City Hospital, Child Development Centres, Schools and Nurseries.
Referrals are received from other professionals within health, education and social care.
Community Paediatric Medicine consists of Consultant Community Paediatricians, other
qualified medical staff permanently employed in the Directorate and medical training
posts. The team is supported by administration staff across the various bases within
the City.
The Lead Consultant is Dr Anil Baxi and the Clinical Director is Dr Anne Aukett whose
contact details are:Children’s Services
Carnegie Centre
Hunters Road
Birmingham B19 1DR
Tel: 0121 465 3756
Service Specification March 07