Project Information Sheet Construction and operation of an

Project Information Sheet
Construction and operation of an innovative photo-bioreactor for the
production of microalgae comprising high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids
Programme area:
First application and market replication
Martin Mohr
ecoduna produktions- GmbH, Austria
E-mail: [email protected]
Tel: +43 676 118821
ecoduna produktions- GmbH, Austria
Energiepark Bruck
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The technology will enable industrial production of microalgae
for human consumption, improving quality, operation energy,
and economical feasibility. At the same time it reduces the
need for Omega 3 fatty acids from fish, thus protecting
Type of solution
Microalgae, Industrial production, food security
Food and Drink
Production technology
Contract number:
17/09/2010 – 17/09/2013
€ 2,166,518.00 (EU contribution: 50%)
PHOBIOR targets on the production of omega-3 fatty acids out of algae for human nutrition. The main goal is to upscale an innovative photo-bioreactor into a production scale. This implementation will demonstrate that this
technology is ready for the market and can produce high quality omega-3fatty acids. The construction and
operation of the production plant in commercial scale is crucial to a successful transfer of this new process
technology to the Nutrition market. Omega 3 fatty acids are essential for human metabolism. Currently most of the
omega 3 fatty acids products are made of fish oil. We will produce special algae biomass containing high omega-3
fatty acid levels as an alternative source. The market of omega 3 fatty acids products has exceptionally grown over
the last years and is an issue of food security and malnutrition. The photo-bioreactor technology has been
designed and optimized in a lab scale reactor by ecoduna over the last 3 years. A patent, (WO 2009/094680 A1) is
protecting the technology worldwide. The photo-bioreactor is a closed system to minimize water losses by
evaporation, enable water and nutrients recycling and prohibit contamination from outside.
Expected and/or achieved results
- Prove the technological feasibility and head-start of our system in the upscale to industrial production size
The plant will serve for, already existing, potential uptakers as demonstration of feasibility and modeling
tool for larger operation calculations.
Efforts are employed worldwide to implement a system, proving mode of operation in large scale, the
joined volume of R&D investment in Europe and the US for microalgae ad more than €1,5 billion.
At the moment the majority of the funds are going to improvement of the microorganisms, but by showing
already good results they will surely shift to production systems soon.
Hundreds of production units will be purchased and built over the next few years and ecoduna`s
demonstration plant will be amongst the first and largest units from 2011 on (2. Largest photo bioreactor
unit in Europe and the US)
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