SS10 – Horizons Chpt 3 (2)
- Physical Regions of Western Canada
Physical Regions Western Canada
Directions: Read pages 99-103 in your text Horizons: Canada Moves West
1. On a separate piece of paper, provide definitions for the following terms;
geological topography
igneous rock
metamorphic rock
sedimentary rock
fossil fuel
2. On a separate piece of paper, answer the following questions using COMPLETE
Give a brief description of the 3 geographic regions of Western Canada. (check
out the video clip entitled The Geography of Western Canada on Youtube
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhmtdH8QOzY ) (2 mks for identification of
the 3 regions and quality of description)
b. What was the Canadian Shield originally made up of? How and what did it
change into? ( 2 mks for quality of response)
How did the Interior Plains come to have such large deposits of fossil fuels? (2
mks for quality of response and inclusion of details)
d. How were the Western Mountains and valleys formed? (2 mks for description
and details)
3. Color and label the blank map found opposite. Use the map found on page
101 of your text as a reference. You will receive 5 marks for proper
labeling and 5 marks for neatness and quality of work, for a total of 10
Total: ____/ 26