Solving Equations Lesson 1 – Making Zero

Activity #2: Solving Equations by Making One
1) Read the information below.
When we solve equations we visualize a balance where the left side equals the right side.
For example: 2x = 8 would be modeled like this:
To solve for x, we already have x isolated, so all that we need to do is find out the value of 1x.
In this case we would divide the x’s into two groups. Whatever we do on one side of the balance
we do on the other to keep the scale balanced, so we would also divide right side into two groups.
Now we have found the value of 1x, and x=4
We would show our work symbolically like this:
2x = 8
2x = 8
2 2
1x = 4
“Make one group of x by dividing both by 2”
2) Complete the following questions.
a) 3x = 12
b) 2y = 5
c) -3a = 6
d) a = 4