BS5303 Corporate Social Responsibility 2013

BS5303 Corporate Social Responsibility 2013-14
Retake Assignment
You will need to do this assignment if you have failed the proposal and/or the
individual assignment
Each individual will be required to identify and analyze a specific CSR/SD/Business Ethics topic or issue
that can be associated with the activities of one or more business organization and with a particular
CSR/SD field of study (e.g. labor practices; marketing practices & ethics; ethical supply chain
management; corporate governance).
For the retake, please choose a different organization than the first attempt.
The final report should include:
A critical but balanced/impartial examination of the selected topic/issue and any associated
CSR/SD/Business Ethics concepts/theories/models, drawing from appropriate academic textbooks and
journal articles, with clear referencing of sources (using the Harvard referencing system).
An identification and general analysis of relevant CSR/SD or Business Ethics policies/initiatives
/practices that can be associated with the selected topic/issue.
3. A focused analysis and application of the topic/issue as it relates specifically to either (a) one or more
business organizations, and their stakeholders, or (b) the specified field of study, with detailed evidence
from actual cases and/or operational practice. This should also include detailed reference to the
application of specific initiatives/policies relevant to the organizations/cases being investigated.
4. The development of a detailed set of conclusions and recommendations arising from the above
analysis. The conclusions should seek to integrate the concepts/themes/policies from (1) & (2) above with
the findings from the analysis in (3)
Assessment of Report
The report will be assessed according to the following criteria:
The examination of the topic, concepts and initiatives and the quality and appropriateness of the
literature search
The application of your topic to your selected organization(s) or cases/operational practice
The development of conclusions and recommendations
The quality of the report including structure, readability and presentation, and the use of appropriate
Structure of Report
The report should be 3000 words long (this does not include the executive summary, tables in the main
text, references, appendices) and should have the following structure:
Executive Summary, no more than one page, which summarises the main topics and findings of the
report, and your conclusions and recommendations. This should be written AFTER you have completed
your report. This is NOT a preface or introduction to your report, but rather a concise summary of what
you have found out and what you conclude and recommend regarding your topic.
List of Contents including page numbers for easy reference
Introduction which briefly describes the issue/topic and the context of the study
Examination of the topic and relevant CSR/SD/Business Ethics concepts and initiatives
Analysis and Application of the topic with reference to the selected organisation(s) or cases
Conclusions and Recommendations
References which include the literature search materials
The assignment must be submitted via Turnitin
Submission deadline: 12 noon on Friday 22 August 2014