Amy Kukulya - Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Amy L. Kukulya
Oceanographic Engineering Technician III, Applied Ocean Physics and Engineering Department
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Woods Hole, MA 02543-1549
Tel 508.289.3689 *
Research Interests:
Uncrewed underwater systems; biological surveys with underwater vehicles; bathymetric underwater
mapping; development and field testing of ocean systems and their practical applications.
Rutgers University, 1999, Environmental Policy.
American University: 1998 Summer Semester, Seville, Spain.
Professional Experience:
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Woods Hole, Massachusetts (May 2003-present).
Research Assistant II, AOP&E Department
Research Assistant III (November 2004-February 2006)
Engineering Assistant III (February 2006-present)
 AUV configuration and testing; fabrication of cables; assembly of boards, reading schematics.
 Troubleshooting vehicle ailments pertaining to mechanical and electrical components using meters,
scopes and other electronic equipment.
 Analysis of vehicle data and creation of reports for publication and presentation.
 Field testing vehicles and equipment and integrating new instrumentation.
 Writing technical documentation.
 Design/maintain OSL website; develop video and other media for presentation
 Conducting science and military field work with multiple vehicles and participating in cruises and
extensive fieldwork.
 Training and managing of junior technicians and staff.
 Project Leadership, vehicle technical support.
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Woods Hole, Massachusetts (June 2001-May 2003).
Research Assistant II, Biology Department
 Microzooplankton identification.
 Maintain live phytoplankton cultures.
 Assemble and test mechanical and electrical components of complex VPR instrumentation.
 Lead technician for Autonomous vertically Profiling Plankton Observatory (AVPPO).
 Land/Sea Technician for ROV, SeaRover, maintaining electrical and mechanical systems.
 Participate in research cruises, shipboard setup and operate VPRs and data acquisition.
 Extensive fieldwork including 79 days at sea with a 42-day cruise to Antarctica on the R/V Palmer.
The Children’s School of Science, Woods Hole, Massachusetts (June 2001-current).
Faculty, Ichthyology, 6-week summer course
 Develop and implement lesson plans and field trips for classes of 12-20 middle school children.
 Teach anatomy, physiology, ecology and evolution of fish.
 Manage two teaching assistants.
Cape Cod Cooperative Extension’s Marine Program, Barnstable County. (October 2000-June 2001).
Program Assistant, Southeastern Massachusetts Aquaculture Center (SEMAC).
 Organize and maintain an aquaculture mini-grant program.
Assistant in a county-wide bay scallop restoration project, a barley straw algae control project
and in multiple studies with disease research in wild quahogs.
Perform water quality analysis and laboratory research.
Dissection of bay scallops for identification of gonad development.
Data assessment and database management through Excel & EcoWatch.
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Woods Hole, Massachusetts (April 2001-June 2001).
Independent Contractor
At-sea research experience
Cruise 1-three days: Boston Harbor and Outfall Monitoring Program. F/V Odessa
 A human health risk assessment on the accumulation of toxic contaminants in edible tissues of
 Collect, dissect and analyze fish for fin rot or other gross external and internal abnormalities.
Cruise 2-twelve days: Red tide study in the Gulf of Maine. R/V Hatteras
Investigating the population dynamics of Alexandrium species in open coastal waters using a CTD.
Search for indicators that can be used to rapidly assess the nutritional & metabolic status of
phytoplankton cells.
The School for Field Studies, Beverly, Massachusetts. (September 2000-June 2001).
 Conduct literature searches for a variety of international environmental research studies.
Boston University Marine Program (BUMP), Woods Hole, Massachusetts. (9/00-12/00).
Office Staff
 Assist in course coordination, financial operations of the department and serve as a program liaison
between the Woods Hole campus and the Charles River campus.
 Coordinate purchases, lab equipment inventory, process invoices, expense and credit reports.
 Create and maintain various course databases and sustain accurate records of all transactions.
AmeriCorps National Service Program, Cape Cod, Massachusetts. (9/99-8/00).
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI).
Southeastern Massachusetts Aquaculture Center (SEMAC).
Volunteer Member
 Specialized in experimental shellfish aquaculture, shellfish disease and water quality analysis.
 Implementation of a scallop restoration project throughout Southeastern
Massachusetts consisting of three phases: collection of resources, overwintering study
and creation of new spawning sanctuaries.
 Conducted a study to test if barley straw inhibits the growth of algae in fresh water.
 Development of library reference books for aquaculture mini-grant programs.
 Creation of scallop indexes to evaluate shell growth versus soft tissue growth.
 Creation of an artificial oyster reef for restoration efforts.
 Database management and data assessment.
 Conducted water chemistry analysis in ponds via data loggers and a YSI 6600 sonde.
 QPX field sampling in mud flats and histology of quahogs.
 Wetlands restoration; retaining wall construction.
Department of Marine Sciences, Isla Magueyes Research Station, (5/99-8/99).
USDA grant in aquaculture research, University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez:
 Evaluation of Thermal Shock Effects on Tilapia Fry to Bias Sex Ratio.
 Marine fieldwork, research and database work.
 Assisted in daily activities in maintaining a 40-pond aquaculture facility.
MAK Environmental Inc., East Brunswick, New Jersey (11/97-6/98).
 Specialized in human health and ecological risk assessments, especially indoor air quality.
 Conducted interstate fieldwork and research for building condition reports.
The US Fish & Wildlife Service, Oceanville, New Jersey (5/97-9/97).
Outreach coordinator and biologist assistant (co-op)
 Studied endangered shore birds and worked to preserve their habitat through predator control
and outreach efforts.
 Conducted population studies and survival rates of piping plovers & maintained statistical databases.
The Department of Environmental Protection, Trenton, New Jersey (2/97-5/97).
Research Intern (co-op): Division of Science & Research
 Assisted in developing a lesson-plan textbook for watershed protection.
 Taught inner-city children in the Newark Bay complex about protecting
and preserving their environment with classroom and outdoor experiences.
 Conducted research on immigrant urban anglers & their interpretation of marine pollution.
Professional Affiliations:
ASLO, American Society for Limnology and Oceanography, 2004-current.
IEEE Ocean Engineering Society, 2006
Participation in Education and Outreach Programs:
WHSTEP-Woods Hole Science, Technology and Engineering Partnership
Children School of Science faculty member outreach brochure and featured engineer
Design Squad PBS outreach profile video for kids profile outreach program-featured engineer
Falmouth Academy Summer Faculty for Underwater Robotics Class, July 2008
Supervision at WHOI:
Co-managed two or more interns in summer/winter sessions from 2003-present.
Cruise/Field Work Participation:
April 2001: F/V Odessa; Boston Harbor, yellowtail outfall pipe sampling.
May 2001: R/V Hatteras; Gulf of Maine Alexandrium studies.
September 2001: R/V Connecticut; Mass Bay, VPR/AVPPO.
April 2002: RVIB Palmer; Antarctica, BIOMAPER/SeaRover-Two months.
September 2002: R/V Connecticut; Mass Bay, VPR/AVPPO.
2001-2003: 8 VPR mooring deployment cruises in New England waters.
April 2003: R/V Oceanus; Mass Bay., Scallop Sled
May 2003: Field ops in Carmel NY; AUV Tunnel Project.
June 2003: Field ops in Newport RI; NUWC REMUS trials.
August 2003: Field ops in Keyport WA; AUV Fest.
August 2003: R/V Asterias and F/V Patricia Lynn: MVCO REMUS Trials.
October 2003: Field ops in San Diego CA; NCEX REMUS-Two months.
June 2004: Field ops in Camp Lejuene NC; REMUS.
September 2004: REMUS acoustic testing field ops, Dodge Pond, CT.
September and November 2004: Cruise R/V Pelican, REMUS ops, Panama City, FL.
AWACS Field work participation R/V Tioga 2005
July 2005, Sublaunch Demonstration, Hawaii
November 2005, 12.75 Demonstration, La Spezia, Italy
February 2006, Docking Demonstration, Panama City, FL
April 2006- REMUS 600 Demonstration, Panama City, FL
January 22- Feb 8, 2007:CNAV 50 vehicle support, Keyport WA
February 20-March 2,2007: CNAV support, Keyport, WA
March 14-24 2007: REMUS 600 support, Panama City, FL
May 30-June 15 2007: AUVFEST 2007, Panama City, FL
August 21-24 2007: Hull Harbor Demo, San Diego, CA
April 2008, 10 day cruise, Towed Array Experiment, Andros Island, Bahamas
May 2008, 10 days AUVFEST, Hull & Harbor Demo, Newport, RI
May/June 2008, 10 day cruise, Towed Array, NJ shelf break
Meetings Attended:
AUV Fest 2003, Keyport, WA, August 2003.
13th International Symposium on Unmanned Untethered Submersible Technology
(UUST03), Portsmouth, NH August 2003.
ASLO/TOS Ocean Research 2004 Conference, Honolulu, HI, February 2004.
AUV Fest 2005, Keyport, WA, June (two weeks).
AUVSA, Woods Hole, MA, June 6,7 2006
Oceans 2006, Boston, MA September 19-21 2006
AUVFest 2007, Panama City, Fl, June 2007.
AUVFEST 2008, Newport, RI, June 2008.
Technical Documentation:
DIDSON Technical Documentation, 2004.
Fishing for Answers in an Urban Estuary, New Jersey Audubon Society, 2004.
Barley Straw for Algae Control, SEMAC/Cape Cod Cooperative Extension, 2001.
Papers/Work Presented/Talks:
NPR Science Talk, Plankton, December 13, 2002
NPR Science Talk, Winter Blues, December 14, 2003
An Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Towed Array for Ocean Acoustic Measurements and Inversions.
Oceans 2005
Presented-An Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Towed Array for Ocean Acoustic Measurements and
Inversions. ASA Vancouver, 2005.
Development of the REMUS 600 Autonomous Underwater Vehicle. 2005
Henry’s Paper. Vol. 5 number 4. August 2004. (science quote).
Recent Science Applications for the REMUS AUV. Presented ASLO 2004, Hawaii.
Autonomous Docking Demonstrations with Enhanced REMUS Technology, September 2006. (presented at
Oceans 2006, Boston)
Characteristics of an autonomous underwater vehicle with a towed hydrophone array, September 2006.
(presented at Oceans 2006, Boston)
Robots Untethered, WHOI Exhibit Center Talk, July 28, 2006
REMUS, The Ultimate Science Tool, October 5, 2006, MBL Club Talk to Newton Middle School
Woman’s History Month Panel Discussion Participant, Woman of WHOI, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow,
April 2nd 2008.
Poster Acknowledgments:
Time Series Measurements and Algorithm Development at the FRONT Site on the New England
Continental Shelf, 2001.
The Role of Vertical Profiler Plankton Observatory (AVPPO) in the FRONT project, New England
Continental Shelf, 2001.
AutoCAD 2000i Part I technical training
PADI open water scuba diving certification, 1995.
Boating safety certification, Marine Law Enforcement Bureau.
United States Power Squadrons Boat Smart Course Certification, 27 June 2002.
Forklift operator training-- Class 4 & 5 vehicles, 26 September 2002.
Certificate in Shellfish Aquaculture Technology, MMA Fisheries Program, MIT Sea Grant.
Advanced Piloting with the Mass Buzzard’s Bay Power Squadron.
Confined Space Training, 2003.
WHOI small boat certified, 2003.
Advanced First Aid 2006
CPR Certification 2008
Captain, 50 ton masters license, 2008.
Woods Hole Science & Technology Environmental Program (WHSTEP) (liaison in 2002).
Science Project Mentor, Falmouth Schools (June 2001-2006).
Rutgers Varsity Division I Women's Softball: 9/96-5/99.
Rutgers Ski Racing Team: 9/96-5/99 (Captain 1997-1999).
Woman’s Committee elected member, Webmaster, September 2007 (two year)