Sample Letter #1 - Team In Training

She thinks my running 42.2km is amazing.
I think her living makes a marathon a walk in the park.
“After being diagnosed at 23 with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) in 1997,
completing five months of daily chemotherapy and receiving a stem cell transplant from my
brother, I have certainly realized the benefits of existing research.
I experienced good health for over 5 years post transplant, but unfortunately just before
Christmas 2002 I relapsed with ALL. I’ve been undergoing chemotherapy since then and
received another bone marrow transplant from an unrelated donor in July 2003.
Now a “veteran” of fighting leukemia, I have made many comparisons between my current
fight and my first. Everything from the type of chemicals used in treatment, to the knowledge
in matching bone marrow has improved significantly since my first fight six years ago.
Research is the only path to finding a cure and perhaps the only path for me to live the rest of my life.”
Tricia Antonini, Calgary Honour Patient
Dear Friends and Colleagues,
I wanted to introduce you to Tricia so you could understand the challenges she’s faced and the fight and
determination that has kept her alive . . . twice. It is because of her story that I am going to undertake my
own challenge. A challenge that is, of course, no match to what Tricia and others have endured, but a
way that I can use my own determination and fight to help others.
On June 5th, 2005 I will run 42.2km in the San Diego Rock’n Roll Marathon. But
before I get there, I have pledged to raise $5,000 in support of The Leukemia &
Lymphoma Society of Canada. I have joined the “Team In Training” Program
where our goal is to run and raise money in support of research targeting
leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma. Funds raised will help Canadian researchers
discover better treatments for victims like Tricia and hopefully, one day wipe out
the number one killer disease of children, leukemia.
After years of running because it makes me feel good, I feel it is now time to run so others can feel good
too. I realize my coming months of training hundreds of miles and the physical and mental stress that will
come with it is nothing compared to what cancer victims endure. Nevertheless, I’m recruiting team
members like you to provide me moral support for the months ahead and to help contribute to my
fundraising goal. Don’t worry, there’s no running involved for you!
Please consider being on my team by pledging one of these positions . . .
Be a Miler
$1 for each mile I will run on June 5th (26.2 miles) = $26.20
Be a Clicker $1 for each kilometer I will run on June 5th (42.2 KM) = $42.20
Be a Trainer $1 for each mile of my training:
100 miles (one month of training) = $100
250 miles (five months of training is actually 400 miles, but close enough) = $250
Be a Finisher Be there by getting a personal phone call from me right from the finish line = $500
Honour Ribbons If you know someone that has fought or succumbed to cancer, please honour them
by writing their name on the enclosed white ribbon. This ribbon will be pinned to my shirt on race day.
Please send this ribbon in along with your donation form. Or, if pledging by fax/internet, please email
me your honouree’s name and I will prepare a ribbon for you. My email is listed below.
It’s Easy to Join the Team
If you would like to be part of my team, please make your pledge by either:
Filling out the attached donation form and mailing it using the enclosed self-addressed
envelope (and don’t forget to enclose your honour ribbon)
Filling out the attached donation form and faxing your credit card donation directly to The
Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada at 604-733-2848
Or, you can make an on-line donation by visiting my personal webpage (example)
The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada will issue you an income tax receipt for any donations of
$10 and up.
On behalf of myself and all those that will benefit from your generosity, I want to thank you in advance for
joining the team and taking part in this very worthy cause!
You can phone me at 403.XXX.XXX (day) or email me at email address if you would like more information.
Kelly Kangles
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