TATA Strip Products Port Talbot Works
Job Description (Engineering Services Infrastructure Projects
Job Title:
Section Engineer: Structural & Integrity
Infrastructure Projects Department (Engineering Services)
Report to:
Senior Infrastructure Project Engineer
Infrastructure Manager, Infrastructure Project Department
Purpose of the Job: (WHY does this job exist?)
The job holder is on days covering all/designated departments of the works area in
facilitating a project management, structural & Integrity Engineering Service covering all
structural activities, (statutory, mandatory Inspections, works area maintenance,
fabrication, erection and the safety of all steel/specialist structures/chimney stacks.
Manage and control all integrity pipe work inspections on site. Job holder must also
manage, co-ordinate and supervise contractors under his control. To include all
contractor resources, as and when required by works areas. Also provide a
professional project management, structural & integrity Engineering Service to all
projects and capital developments when required.
Principle Accountabilities: (What results are expected from the job?)
Project Manage projects from inception to completion, Inspects and reports on all
static steel/specialist structures through out the works at Port Talbot. eg:
chimney stacks, gas holders, bunker buildings, Service mains, BFG, COG
pipelines and other specialist structures etc. To be responsible for the arising
maintenance works and safety in line with the Construction Design Management
Regulations 2015 and temporary works.
Advises Works managers, Senior Managers, Works Engineers, and Production
Engineers on structural condition, modifications and methods of proposed repair.
Initiates any repair work, modifications or additions arising from Inspections or
work required by Production or Engineering Management. Also provide service
and request work at short notice /unsociable hours/weekend working & call outs.
Arranges job priorities in conjunction with Plant Managers, Works
Engineers/Production Engineers and other business unit/plant
Acts in a consultative capacity and provides a project management & structural &
Integrity service to the works areas.
- 1 -
This role is constantly interrupted in terms of telephone, radio, fax, e-mail and
verbal interruptions whilst carrying out normal day-to-day role.
To deputise for the Senior Infrastructure Engineer when required.
Requests tenders from contractors by initiating ‘invitation to tender’ documents
complete with specification for the work and measurements necessary using the
most suitable method of documentation and conditions of contract.
Advises the Senior Engineer of the most suitable contractor from tenders
Coordinates and supervises the work of the contractor, inspecting the work when
completed, issues variation orders, as and when required and be responsible for
signing works completion certificates and authorise clearance certificates
ensuring all new and all defect repairs have been carried out in accordance with
a particular contract or on a ad-hoc basis.
2.10 Direct supervision of contract labour and in house labour for use on engineering
work (all aspects).
2.11 To familiarise him/herself with, and to implement as it applies to his/her activities
of falls within his/her sphere of control, the companies Health & Safety Policy
and relevant statutory duties. Applies construction work to CDM format, carries
out safety briefings/auditing contractors.
2.12 Takes contractors representatives on site and describes jobs for quotation
purposes preparing sketches where necessary showing job content.
2.13 Controls through the contractors, supervisors and work force contractor labour
engaged on Inspections and maintenance of steel structures, gantries etc and
ensures that continuity of operations are maintained and the work completed
within prescribed limits and standards.
2.14 Inspects and approves completed work.
2.15 Visits contractor work places to inspect structural steel work, prior to its
acceptance on site.
2.16 Requests and co-ordinates the services of other departments as necessary to
complete the job. i.e mechanical, electrical and Civil Eng based disciplines.
2.17 Ensures safe working practices and good house keeping of jobs under his
2.18 Promote the development of new techniques and systems and implement them.
2.19 Prepares and submits estimates to works management for them to apply for
expenditure, SE, Capital Budgets etc. Attends planning meetings to advise and
agree with management on a planned programme to minimise loss of
2.20 Prepares a complete and comprehensive written specification together with
explanatory sketches describing the work to be under taken in full.
2.21 Prepares requisitions at the request of the Manager and Senior Infrastructure
- 2 -
2.22 Inspects works areas before work commences ensuring good access, site
clearance and safe working conditions in conjunction with Departmental
2.23 Organises the work in conjunction with the contractors and the department
Engineers/Managers: coordinates all requirements of the job such as production
stoppages, PBS, authorisation to work permits, cranes, scaffolding and transport
2.24 Organises and supervises work in conjunction with the departmental managers
concerned, working to drawings and specifications as required.
2.25 Acts as a liaison between the designer and the contractor carrying out the work,
ensuring that the design modifications are made.
2.26 Inspect and reports on all accidents and dangerous occurrences (RIDDOR).
2.27 Drives departmental hire van as of when required.
2.28 Keep informed of advances in Technology and Techniques.
2.29 Initiates the purchase of materials on site when required.
2.30 Checks contractors day work time sheets, contract prices and axim spread
sheets for hours worked and material used, vets/scrutinised invoices for all jobs
under his /her control. Checks, manages and control budgets allocated
2.31 To portray Infrastructure Engineering as a highly professional organisation at all
2.32 To lead and direct contractor resources, as and when required.
2.33 To be responsible for contractors’ standards of work when they are directly
employed by the Infrastructure Department.
2.34 Ensures safety precautions are adequate for job in hand. Liaison with
Departmental Managers, Engineers and Supervisors of other Departments all of
whom require a service of one kind or another and ensure: Isolations of plant
causes the minimum of interference and inconvenience to the user department.
Good utilisation of available of make shift material pending more permanent repair.
Jobs carried out in order of priority as all departments want their work carried out
2.35 Maintains adequate maintenance records and draws attention to any persistent
failures, with the integration of the SAP Management Database. Also be able to
use SAP on a daily basis.
2.36 Can frequently operate, at up to 250ft in confined areas and excavations, amidst
dirt, dust, grease, oil, water and fumes in all weather (inclement) and in areas of
excessive heat. Must not be afraid of working at height
2.37 Works during plant shut downs, evenings, nights shifts if need be and be liable to
call out and work unsociable hours/weekends on request of Production
2.38 To build up close relationships with customers and understand the plant and
equipment problems.
2.39 To ensure AOP targets and Engineering Services goals are met.
- 3 -
2.40 To be totally familiar and implement as appropriate the companies Health &
Safety Policy and relevant statutory duties.
Vision/Context: (WHERE does this job fit in?)
This position reports to the Senior Infrastructure Project Engineer and exists to direct
and control Project Management/Structural & Integrity Engineering activities within
customer departments (works areas). To ensure work is completed on time, to budget
and to the correct engineering standard and Industry Standard.
4. Contacts: (WHO and why?)
Has regular working relationships with personnel at all levels within his own department,
Supplies Department, Engineering Managers in Production and Services Departments,
Security, Safety, Traffic, Projects, Production Units, Consultants, Contractors
Representatives from foremen to Managing Director level, Building control, Planning,
Environment Agency, Drainage Board, Fire Service, Welsh Water, HSE and WAMITAB.
Director - Engineering, TSSP
Manager, Civil/Structural & Infrastructure Projects
Engineering Managers
Works Managers
Departmental Managers
Departmental Engineers
Development Engineers
Project Engineers
Safety Department
Central Stores
Internal Contractors
Trade Unions
Estates Department
Plant and Equipment Manufacturers/Contractors
Principals of Consultants and Contractors
Senior Local Authority Officials
External Customers
Health and Safety Executive
Environmental Agency (NRW)
Building Control Officers
Planning Officers
South Wales Fire Service
Specialist Suppliers
Professional Institutes
Welsh Water
Drainage Board
Local Farmers
Local House Owners
British Rail/Rail Track
- 4 -
The communications are both oral and written, of technical nature appertaining to Structural
Engineering and regular interface with Manager of Infrastructure Projects.
Knowledge & Experience: (What is the essential requirement?)
Theoretical knowledge minimum HNC level in Building/Civil Engineering/Project Management
or equivalent experience gained in either discipline. 3yrs to 5 yrs experience in steel
manufacturing and an understanding of plant requirements.
NEBOSH Qualification also advantageous.
Good communicator and works well within a team environment.
Dimensions: (WHICH are the key numbers)
Contractors (up to 90 in any one day, up to 120 in any one stop period)
Agency Staff
Trainee Graduates
- 5 -
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