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Contact Details:
Krishna K.S C/o Shankar,
#65, 3rd Cross, 1st Block,
3rd Phase, BSK 3rd Stage,
Bangalore-560 085.
Email :
Phone: +91 9886525771.
I wish to utilize the knowledge and skills that I have acquired in my education and
experience to build my career with leading corporate field with committed and dedicated people,
which will encourage my creativity and personal growth along with organization.
Academic Credentials:
 M.Tech in VLSI Design and Embedded Systems.,
from P.E.S. College of Engineering, Mandya affiliated to VTU in the year of 2010.
 B.E in Electronics and Communication.,
from City Engineering College, Vasanthapura, Bangalore affiliated to VTU in the year of
 P.U.C.,
from SBNS PU College, B.G.Nagar, Nagamangala Tq, Mandya Dist in the year of 2002.
 S.S.L.C.,
from SBNS High School, B.G.Nagar, Nagamangala Tq, Mandya Dist in the year of 2000.
1 year of Experience as Development Engineer in 3QMagnetics, Uttarahalli, Bangalore from
June 2010 to till date.
Roles and Responsibilities:
 Design and Analysis of schematic for Switch mode Power Supplies, Battery Chargers,
Solar Charge Controllers using OrCAD Capture tool.
 Research and Development of Power Supply boards.
 Testing and Verification of PCBs as per the Specification.
 Implementation of new designs related to Power Supplies, Charge controllers and other
 Preparing Documentation on the Schematic, Test procedure, Bill of materials, Test Reports
and Design Documents.
 Troubleshooting of problem cards(PCBs).
Technical Skills:
 Programming Languages
: C, C++
 Hardware Description languages
: Verilog, VHDL
 Operating Systems
: Windows XP/98
 Hardware Tool
: OrCAD Capture 9.0
 Field of interest
: Low Power VLSI Design, VLSI Design, Embedded
System Design, SDH/SONET Testing, Computer
Project Details:
Project #1
: Design of AC-DC & DC-DC Power supply of
12V/16A and 24V/6A for universal input.
Hardware Tool
: OrCAD Capture
: 3Q Magnetics
: Proton Technologies
: This project includes two outputs, where first output is
obtained by the design of Flyback Converter and design of Boost converter for another output. The
Design of Schematic has done using OrCAD Capture Tool and the PCB is verified the done R&D
for the changes of any components in the circuit. Finally testing and verification has done as per the
required specification of the vendor. Bill of Materials, Test Procedure, Test Reports are prepared and
some of them were issued along with the Assembled PCBs.
Project #2
: Design of 110V,20A Solar Charge Controller
Development Environment
: OrCAD Capture
: 3Q Magnetics
: This Project is to design Solar charge controller unit which
is the interface between SPV module, Battery and load. It shall receive electrical energy from
SPV-module and charge battery of suitable capacity, as well as feed the load directly during
sunshine. It shall have some protections and indications for any failures like fan failure, reverse
polarity, over voltage, battery low cut off, Float mode and boost mode conditions.
This project involves the design of combination of DC-DC Converter, surge and lightning
protection circuit, microcontroller part and some protection circuits in the Unit.
We used full bridge converter topology for designing of DC-DC converter, PIC18F for
microcontroller part and surge protection MCBs.
Project #3
: Design and Implementation of Dual-Node
Interconnected SONET/SDH Rings.
Development Environment
: Verilog
: During 4th Semester, M.Tech
: This project includes the design and implementation of
Dual-Node Interconnected SONET/SDH Rings, where we develop the synthesizable Verilog
model using Xilinx. The simulation result of the project has been done in Xilinx FPGA. As
SONET/SDH is historically the dominant telecom transport infrastructure for backbone networks
and it is optimized for reliable delivery of voice and private-line services. We examine a network
of inter-connected SONET/SDH rings that use dual-node interconnection employing the drop-andcontinue facility, which is the de-facto standard for interworking SONET/SDH protection
We examine the case of dual-node interconnected ring networks employing both contiguous
and virtual concatenation. The stringent time-slot alignment and contiguity constraints imposed by
contiguous concatenation are further compounded by the constraints imposed by the ring
interworking architecture and virtual concatenation allows capacity to be used more efficiently.
My Strengths and Skill Sets
 Hardworking, dedicated, optimistic, team worker.
 I had active participated in cultural activities in School and Colleges.
 Strong technical and communication skills, well disciplined and goal oriented.
 Very co-operative and adaptive to changes.
 Good knowledge in SDH/SONET and PDH Technology.
Personal Details:
Date of birth
: 10-07-1984
: Male.
Father’s Name
Permanent Address : Kumbarakoppalu, Gondenahalli [P],
Nagamangala [Tq], Mandya [Dist.]
: Indian
: English, Kannada and Hindi.
: Playing cricket, Reading books and Magazines.
I hereby declare that all the information given above is true to the best of my knowledge.
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[ Krishna K.S]