Falk Bio - Hunter College

Dr. Pamela Falk
Pamela Falk is a Distinguished Lecturer at Hunter College, where she teaches American
Government, International Law, Model United Nations & American foreign policy
courses; she is a the Faculty Mentor and Director of the Roosevelt Scholars program, a
Faculty Associate of the Roosevelt House and on the Human Rights Faculty.
Prof. Falk is the faculty advisor for Hunter College’s Model U.N. Team and was recently
elected to the Advisory Council of the National Model U.N. – New York and is on the
International Advisory Board, Public Diplomacy Magazine, Center on Public Diplomacy,
Annenberg School of International Relations of the University of Southern California.
Professor Falk is the CBS News Foreign Affairs Analyst and a U.N. Resident
Correspondent. From the U.N., Dr. Falk reports on air for CBS TV & Radio and writes
columns at www.cbsnews.com.
Dr. Falk’s career has involved work in academics, international organizations, for the U.S.
government on Capitol Hill, and the private sector and she has written and edited six
books on international relations and American government and is a frequent panelist on
Human Rights & Humanitarian Law panels at the United Nations. Her most recent article
is, “International Humanitarian Law in the Age of Technology: Humanitarian Intervention,
Asymmetrical Warfare & Predator Drones,” Public Diplomacy Magazine, Annenberg
School, University of Southern California (2012)
She received her J.D. from Columbia University School of Law and her Ph.D. from
New York University.