Recent improvements made as a result of visitor

Recent Comments and Suggestions
Out of 1205 written visitor comments from visitors’ book and comments forms from January – March 2015,
98% were positive, suggestions or just a name
You said:
Wheelchair users were unable to access the Temple Precinct
This is what we have done:
The Temple Precinct is now step free with a wider walkway. Two
new lifts have enabled wheelchair users to go round the
museum in the same direction as everyone else
You asked for the ceiling in the Temple Precinct to be sky blue
The whole area has been changed from a night time scene to a
daytime scene complete with blue sky!
You wanted to be able to get married beside the Great Bath later A unique “Sunset Wedding” ceremony and reception package
in the evening
can now be booked for the evening
You wanted more information about the mineral composition of
A detailed breakdown of the minerals is now displayed by the
the hot spa water
self-serve spa water fountain in the museum. Visitors can now
touch and drink this natural hot water at no extra cost
Visually impaired visitors wanted a more descriptive
A detailed descriptive audio commentary is now available; just
ask at the issue desk. Tactile maps, models and signage have
also been introduced throughout the site. A British Sign
Language tour is also available using the Opus Touch hand held
You felt the exit area was dull and an anti-climax at the end of
We have refurbished this area and added bold and colourful
the visit
You said the ladies toilets at the exit stairs were looking tired
The toilets are being refurbished in March 2015
and dated
You said you wanted more products in the shop
A greater range is now available, changed according to season,
including more Roman Baths themed products
You wanted more appropriate seating for children in the new
The delicatessen section has now been converted into a family
Roman Baths Kitchen cafe
area, with lower seating and high chairs