December 2010 - Superior Shores

Property Manager Report December 2010
Snow & Mostly Ice:
After finally getting a beautiful snow base of twenty inches, on the Winter Solstice, we had rain just after
Christmas and again before New Year’s weekend. This rain on frozen grounds is again complicating matters
causing “glaciers” in old locations, as well as some new ones.
The ditch work we had done at the Lakehome entry gate has worked, but not as well as was hoped. A small
amount of ice is building up at the lowest point of the corner, as the run-off filled and overflowed the ditch,
despite our best efforts. The drain tile at building #6 was reduced the build-up of ice across the whole
parking area, but we continue to see ice form at the entries to building #5 where the pavement is lowest. We
have a completely new flow developing by building #3, originating by the dumpster area and trying to cross
the #3 parking area, at the walkway to the units.
Luckily, we have found a new supplier, River Region Cooperative, for the ice melt product, (previously
purchased from the Tradesmen that went out of business) that Carl thinks is most effective. To get the best
price, at $8.00 per 50-pound bag, with Ron’s authorization we ordered 3 pallets for a total of $1282.50
including sales tax. This would typically be a 3-year supply, but we’re saying 2 if the weather patterns
remain the same with mid-winter rains like we’ve seen the past couple years.
Mechanical Systems – Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell:
If we weren’t superstitious, we would report that all well, sewer and heating systems are working correctly.
Electric Pump has not yet been in contact to schedule the installation of the new lift station pumps, but we’re
expecting their call any day now that the holidays are behind us.
Safety & License Compliance:
Northland Fire is scheduled to inspect the fire extinguishers next week.
The Lake County Health Department Permit, for the pool and spa facility has been renewed for 2011, at a
cost of $270.
LMG submitted receipts for reimbursement for the month ending December15.
On a Personal Note:
We would like to acknowledge Doug Wulff’s passing away and celebrate his life. Every day, if you look
around, you can see Doug’s hand on the Lakehome property. He was actively involved for the betterment of
the property as both on individual owner and a board member. He was instrumental in developing the
wildlife program and it’s funding primarily with donations. Deer, birds, bunnies and squirrels in the wild and
every dog walking an owner, was met with a treat. We’ll all miss his enthusiasm and generosity.