Results of testing laboratory models of the experiments DP made by the Space Research
Institute of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, with KFKI RMKI DUCU-BSTM Simulator in
November 11h through November 12th 2004.
Important hardware parameters of interface, which are the followings:
1. Pinouts of plugs of sockets, DP voltage and power consumption, were checked and finalized
during previous meeting in June.
2. In BSTM and DACU software KFKI-RMKI implemented requirements defined by Bulgarian
side in September. According new requirements setup and operation mode of DP are set by
DACU’s software after power-on. Now in November DP asked some modification in setup which
was fulfilled by DACU’s software. These commands set mode of DP and determine length of data
packet to transmit to DACU during flight.
KFKI-RMKI asks to simplify setup of DP. It has only one working mode which should be regarded
as default mode and setup of other parameters should be entirely abandoned by accepting the
general Experiment data transfer protocol.
3. The telemetry format and protocol were tested. Communications parameters of DP are: words
with eight data bits, two stop bits, and no parity. Transmission speed is 38400 Baud. In
communication test was loss data in transmission and sometime, probably result of the small (8
data words) packets. KFKI –RMKI ask the Bulgarian side to increase the number of data words to
256 in one packet.
To test the new software version of DP the KFKI-RMKI supplyed Bulgarian side with Linux Real
Time Operational System and Simulation Software running on DUCU-BSTM Simulator. Bulgarian
side provided the necessary hardware. Usage of installed Linux and Simulation Software was
All requests should be acknowledge with ACK. It is not important to send data packet immediately
after request.
4. The participants agreed to continue interface test after the transmission failure is fixed by the
Bulgarian sides using the Real Time Linux Operational System.
5. The software of the DP instrument is suitable for making “PSI” test in Moscow.
Budapest, 12 November 2004
Ditchko Batchvarov
Sándor Szalai
Kálmán Balajthy
János Nagy