Dear Brothers of Theta

Dear Brothers of Theta-Beta Chapter,
I must start by apologizing for my sub-standard performance throughout the past year as
your Chapter Director. I have not been visible or vocal enough and feel slightly
responsible for some of the items I will next be addressing. Please accept my regrets, but
know that I will do everything in my ability to guide our chapter through the difficult
days ahead.
This communication is a result of several discussions with several SVSU staff members
regarding overall fraternity member behavior. Regarding our fraternity, my
conversations have centered around Homecoming and the expectations of a fraternity on
There is no easy way to say this, but our existence as a recognized organization on the
campus of SVSU is LITERALLY dangling by a thread. If I accomplish nothing else in
this letter, please help me put to bed the notion that “campus” is against Sigma Pi. An
overriding theme during all my conversations has been the fact that Sigma Pi has made a
difference on this campus. The “campus” recognizes that Sigma Pi conducts top-notch
events that stand against any in regards to coordination, attendance and success. We
must end the “us versus the world” attitude because it will be the death of our chapter.
The bottom line is that campus is not seeing enough of those top-notch, alcohol-free, oncampus events/activities. One event a semester is just not good enough for a fraternity on
probation. Campus is also not seeing our membership becoming active members of other
It may be time we dial back our focus on national prominence within Sigma Pi and get
back to our roots. Lets make a significant contribution to every major campus
organization…lets resume Friday afternoon athletic events with prominent SVSU
staff/faculty…lets worry less about total attendance at a party and more about total
attendance at a brotherhood event…lets resume Sunday night study hall…lets worry less
about how guys dress for a chapter meeting and more on running a meeting according to
Roberts Rules of Order.
This all might sound preachy but if things do not noticeably change quickly, “campus”
has assured me that drastic changes will be made to the SVSU fraternity system, possibly
total elimination.
This will not be an easy journey, but unfortunately it is a journey we have made before.
Each chapter revitalization has had one common occurrence/reality; not everyone in the
chapter will be up for this challenge. It is going to take strong men, united in a common
goal to once again achieve dominance and prominence at SVSU. Do not be the weak
link. If you are, do not be offended when you are asked to step aside. If you are up for
the challenge, do not hesitate to ask those members to take that step.
The alumni want to be supportive of the chapter, but they are not sure how to best
accomplish that right now. The alumni are facing a difficult time as several of the past
chapter leaders are experiencing major life changes such as marriage, children and home
ownership therefore limiting their ability to be actively involved. Attempts to collect
valid contact information to communicate association new and events have proven to be
difficult and unsuccessful.
The alumni will be traveling a similar road as the chapter throughout the upcoming
months, seeking only those individuals willing to participate in a great organization. All
they ask is that you keep them informed about chapter activities, solicit their
assistance/expertise, show respect, and keep the chapter alive. If you hear an alumni
comment about a lack of communication from the alumni association, tell them to e-mail
their contact information to me ([email protected]). When desiring feedback from an
alumnus, visit to acquire their contact information (only active
members of the alumni association are listed).
Regarding Homecoming, I will refrain from addressing particular incidents, but it must
be known that similar behavior will no longer be acceptable. You are grown men that
need not be lectured about behavior in a public setting or interaction with law
enforcement…but better judgment MUST be exercised in the future. It is hard for me to
defend the benefits of Greek organizations when the President of the university makes
comments like “lack of class” and “disappointment.” Homecoming was a time for us to
shine and put our best face forward…unfortunately we missed that opportunity.
So now is the time to dig deep and show SVSU what Theta-Beta chapter of Sigma Pi
Fraternity, International has to offer. More importantly, now is the time to rally around
your letters, your brothers and your alumni. The easiest way to do that is to live every
day according to your Sigma Pi creed. If you don’t recite it daily…start.