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King’s College London Summer School
Ancient Languages Courses
2013 was the fourth year in which the Ancient Languages courses have run as part of the KCL
Summer School Programme. The students either follow a three-week beginners’ course or threeweek intermediate course, or they complete the full six-week course. The courses are designed to
offer students who have not previously had the opportunity to study Ancient Greek or Latin
intensive training to bring them from complete beginners to a point where they are able to read
simple texts in the original language. They are therefore designed especially for students who
intend to study for a Masters or Doctoral degree but they are also useful for undergraduates, those
doing the PGCE Classics course, qualified teachers, mature students and anyone with an interest
in the Greek or Roman worlds. The students followed the JACT Reading Greek and Reading
Latin courses in daily language classes, and were assessed in weekly in-class tests. The results
were confirmed at a meeting of the Summer School Programme Board, and the College sent
certificates of attendance and marks to all students. In addition to pure language learning, the
students also enjoyed two workshops offering an introduction to epigraphy, given by Dr Peter
Haarer and Dr Charlotte Tupman, and papyrology, given by Dr Micaela Langellotti. There were
also two behind-the-scenes visits to the British Museum led by Sam Moorhead and Dr Ross
Thomas. This year, there were seventeen Ancient Greek students and sixteen Latin students from
a number of countries including the UK, Brazil, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Russia, Spain, and the
USA. This year’s tutors were Dr Maggie Robb and Dr Dimitra Kokkini (Latin), and Cosetta
Cadua and Ben Tanner (Greek).
The Classics Department, supported by the Classical Association, Hellenic Society and Roman
Society, was pleased to offer a number of bursaries this year to allow students to attend.
British Museum visit & lecture on the Elgin Marbles
Balance from 2012 Summer School
Sum transferred from KCL Summer School (£3,000 per 3 week course x 4)
Grants: Classical Association
Grants: Roman Society
Grants: Hellenic Society
Course co-ordinator fee
Tutor fees
Workshop fees
Student Bursaries
Balance remaining
Student Bursaries
Richard Dodwell
Stephen Huws
Branislav Kotoc
Eugenia Rossetti
Michelle San Pedro de
Ros Williams
Dr Fiona Haarer
Co-ordinator, Ancient Languages Courses
September 2013