Ancient Israel`s Contributions to Western Civilization

Ancient Israel’s Contributions to Western Civilization
How much do you know about Ancient Israel’s contributions to
Western civilization? Answer the questions below to find out if you
are an expert!
Circle the correct answer:
1. What is infanticide? Which is an example of a Greek myth that shows the Greek acceptance of
this custom?
a. Pandora b. Hercules
c. Narcissus
d. Oedipus
Which Bible story shows the Jewish view of this custom?
a. Adam and Eve
b. Sacrifice of Isaac
c. Exodus from Egypt
d. Solomon and Sheba
In a recent survey, people were asked to list the six values that were most important in
perfecting the world. Which was NOT one of the values they cited?
a. Value of human life
b. World peace
c. Accumulation of wealth
d. Justice and equality
Who is the founder of the Jewish people?
a. Moses b. Mohammed
c. Abraham
d. Jesus
What important concept about God did he introduce?
a. Ethical monotheism b. Pantheism
c. Paganism d. Original sin
Which culture said that people should not live in a city without schools?
a. Greek
b. Roman
c. Persian
d. Jewish
What is a ketuba?
a. Marriage contract
b. Will
c. Divorce decree d. Article of clothing
Which modern Israeli inventions exemplify the Ancient Israeli belief that
“To save one life is to save the world entire” ?
a. Flying car
b. Escape elevator
c. Emergency bandage d. All of these
What is the source of the quote on the wall of the United Nations, “Nation shall not lift up
sword against nation; Neither shall they learn war any more”?
a. Koran b. New Testament c. Prophets
d. Psalms
10. Which law from the Ten Commandments is NOT a law in the United States?
a. You shall not murder
b. Honor your father and mother
c. You shall not bear false witness
d. You shall not steal
If you have 9-10 correct, you are an expert!
Correct answers: 1b; 2b; 3c; 4c; 5a; 6d; 7a; 8d; 9c; 10b