This document states and explains NAU policy concerning

This document states and explains NAU policy concerning Academic Integrity.
Culture and Integrity
The purpose of this policy is to promote learning and discovery and both of these endeavors are
served by integrity. Northern Arizona University is committed to the values of trust, fairness,
respect, responsibility and honesty and these values are practiced within a culture of academic
integrity by students, faculty and administrative staff in an environment of mutual respect, honesty,
fairness and responsibility.
Academic integrity means conducting oneself with honesty in research and learning in representing
work based on one’s own efforts. It means acknowledging other’s scholarly work, valuing truth and
showing responsibility. Academic integrity is denied when academic work contains elements of
cheating, collusion, fabrication or fraud, shows evidence of obtaining an unfair advantage or reveals
Academic integrity is demonstrated when the academic community jointly agree to adhere to codes
of conduct appropriate to the mutually trusting relationship that must exist between student and
teacher. It is the expectation of NAU that every student will conduct herself or himself in a truthful,
straightforward and honest fashion at all times.
All members of Northern Arizona University shall uphold the culture and standards of academic
integrity in accordance with the policies and procedures contained in the NAUAcademic Integrity
Policy. Faculty may contribute to the maintenance of academic integrity through simple, nonintrusive tactics, such as in the classroom and in student assignments. Faculty will maintain
academic integrity by regularly reporting every act of academic dishonesty in accordance with the
procedures described in the Appendix to this policy. Given that faculty members make wide use of
teams and study groups in their teaching, faculty members are encouraged to explain acceptable
team and study group behaviors and prohibited forms of collusion in course syllabi.