Thales Graduate Programme

Thales Graduate Programme
Thales (pronounced THA-less) is named after the Greek philosopher many
consider the father of science.
Fitting, as the company is a global leader in technology for aerospace, defence, IT,
services and transport, not to mention information management for banking and
In fact, there are few areas of our lives Thales does not reach. Almost every train in
the UK is fitted with Thales technology. Its systems fly on almost every kind of
aircraft, civilian and military. Its won competitions and bids for both the Royal
Navy Future Carrier (CVF) and the RAFs Future Strategic Tanker Aircraft. And it
supplies electronics for both the massive, new Airbus A380 and Boeings fuelefficient 787 Dreamliner.
And, by providing some of the most innovative solutions to many of the worlds
trickiest engineering problems for many years, the company has reached a Fortune
500 rank of 485.
Unsurprisingly, Thales is committed to attracting and developing the worlds most
talented engineering graduates. Wisely, it understands this is key to its success in a
competitive market. As a result, every year it recruits the brightest and the best into
a variety of areas and roles. The high level of responsibility, the competitive salary,
the diverse locations and project work, and the reputation of the company were just
some of the key attractions to Thales a focus group of recent graduates have
The graduate programme lasts for four years. During this time, training includes
seminars, specialist courses and visits. Every candidate has the support of a mentor,
and is encouraged to become professionally qualified. Thales even pays for your
annual membership to the relevant professional body.
We have positions in a number of areas including:
Software Engineer - Crawley & Long Crendon (South East), Wells & Templecombe
(South West) and Cheadle Heath (North West)
Systems Engineer - Wells, Bristol & Crawley
Electronics Engineer - Crawley
Environmental Simulation Engineer - Crawley
Hardware Engineer - Crawley & Wells
IT Graduate - Doncaster, Crawley & Manchester
Rail Engineers - London
Test Engineers - Crawley
Upgrade Engineers - Crawley
To see more of the Thales Graduate Programme please log on to and refer to the attached leaflet.
To apply for the Graduate Programme please send you CV in a word attachment
and state the following three things:
Preferred position(s)
Preferred location(s)
Are you permanently eligible to work in the UK? e.g British passport, EU
passport, Visa
We look forward to hearing from you soon
Kind Regards
Thales Graduate Team