Remedy for Praxis Math Form

Education / PBTL / Master of Arts in Teaching
A student who has failed to achieve a passing score on the Initial Praxis Math test for admission to
MBC’s Education, PBTL or Master of Arts in Teaching Program, but whose score falls within the
acceptable range for the testing period noted below, may develop a remediation plan, in
consultation with the advisor, to demonstrate math proficiency.
Praxis I Math Taken PRIOR TO January 1, 2014:
Passing score = 178 Acceptable Range for Remedy = 170-177
Praxis Core Math Taken AFTER January 1, 2014:
Passing score = 150 Acceptable Range for Remedy = 145-149
Please indicate the proposed remedy below and submit the form, with copies of official
Praxis I Math or Praxis Core Math scores, CLEP scores and/or grade reports/transcripts to
the MBC Education OR Master of Arts in Teaching Program.
Student Name: ____________________________________ ID#_______________________
Initial Praxis Math Score (fill in applicable line):
Taken Prior to Jan. 1, 2014 Praxis I Math (min. 170) _________
Taken After Jan. 1, 2014 Praxis Core Math (min. 145) _________
Date: _______________
Date: _______________
Proposed Remedy for Praxis Math: Please indicate the remedy proposed.
Proposed Remedy (Check one):
Pass the CLEP in College Mathematics
Complete MATH 155 at MBC with a grade of B or better
Complete MATH/ED 156 and MATH/ED 158 at MBC, with a grade of B or better in each
Complete IN601 Inquiry in Mathematics at MBC with a grade of B or better
Signatures for Approval of Proposed Remedy:
Student ____________________________________
Date: ________________
Advisor ____________________________________
Date: ________________
Dean of COE _______________________________
Date: ________________
*NOTE: It is the responsibility of the advisor to let the Education office know once the
remedy has been successfully completed, in order that program acceptance can be granted
(Not Applicable to the Master of Arts in Teaching Program).
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