Corporate and Personnel Ethics
The CIL maintains a reputation as a company of the highest standards of lawfulness, responsibility
and accountability. All employees shall at all times comply with all laws and the highest standards of
business ethics and conduct; avoid situations that might involve a conflict between their personal
interests and the interests of the CIL, and those situations which could create the appearance of
conflict; and protect confidential and proprietary information held by the CIL or entrusted to it; and
avoid conduct on or off the job that may injure or harm the CIL's reputation in the community,
including but not limited to criminal conduct.
The CIL is committed to conducting its business in accordance with the highest ethical standards and
has adopted the principles set forth below as corporate policy. It is the CIL's policy that no employee
should place himself or herself in a position where his or her actions, personal interests or the
activities or interests of those for whom he or she acts, is or is likely to be, in conflict with the interests
of the CIL or its subsidiaries. All employees of the CIL and its subsidiaries must execute the ethics
statement and abide by the provisions of this policy during their employment by or association with
the CIL. No policy can cover the many circumstances and situations that may raise ethical
considerations and, in cases of doubt, the employee should seek legal and other advice which the
CIL is prepared to make available. Questions relating to the Policy may be referred to the Executive
Director or the Board of Directors.