Conservation of Energy – B2 Lab

Conservation of Energy – B2 Paper Lab
Goal: To calculate potential and kinetic energy
 There is NO SET-UP for Part #1
 Answer the pre-lab questions in Part 2.
 Form a hypothesis in Part 3.
 Look at the data in Table #1 (Part 4). Notice that all values are written in meters.
 The equations for calculating Potential and Kinetic Energy are written on the back
board. Answer the questions in Part 5 using those equations.
 Find the mass of the steel marble and record it in Part #5, B.
 Copy the information from Table #1 onto Data Table #2 for Position, Height,
and Speed.
 Calculate the Potential and Kinetic Energy at each position using the formulas.
Record your results onto Table #2
 You can find the Total Energy at each position on the roller coaster by adding the
PE and KE together. Record your results in the Total Energy column.
 Complete the graphing exercise in Part #6.
 Answer the B2 questions and submit the lab for a grade.