Vocabulary Quiz: “The Mystery of the Missing Lunch”

Vocabulary Quiz: “Wild Horses”
Choose a word from the list and write it on the line in
front of its meaning.
glistening fragile Tall Tale habitat threatened
coaxing sanctuary Figure of Speech descendants
1.___________________________- a refuge for wildlife where
predators are controlled and hunting is not allowed
2.___________________________- people who come from a
particular ancestor
3.___________________________- having a sense of harm or danger
4.___________________________- persuading or influencing by mild
5.___________________________- shining or sparkling with
reflected light
6.____________________________- easily broken
7.____________________________- an expression use of language
that is not meant to be taken literally
8.____________________________- the place where an animal or
plant naturally lives and grows
9.____________________________- stories with events so
exaggerated that they are beyond belief