Paper Three

Paper 3 (Critical Analysis)
Audience: Intelligent Senior
Arguing with status quo by way of textual analysis. (5-7 pages)
For specific citation guidelines, please see:
In this final formal argument, I want to free you up. You have 5-7 pages. Class discussion
and your short assignments should have defined what the book is about. Now you need to
expand our understanding of the book by arguing with that status quo. Start with a scene
that puzzles you, a word you can’t define, or a set of repeating images that don’t seem to
fit. Spend some time with that puzzle and ask yourself: “How does this investigation
confirm, refute or complicate what we all thought this book was about?”
The ideal paper will have a strong thesis modeled after (though not necessarily identical
to) the Erik Simpson recommendations. That thesis will argue with a prevailing reading
of the book. The paper will feature close readings of several connected passages from the
book. The argument will be explicit, and the chain of reasoning will be linked together
with strong transitions.
This paper will be judged according to the grading rubric in the syllabus.
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