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MPA 524 Ethics in Public Administration
Final Examination
Write on a total of FIVE (5) of SIX questions presented—all from discussion issue lists since the midterm
exam (although perhaps in shortened form); no wild cards included (please double-space and use a
different font). In each case, write in complete sentences; do not use bullets, lists, diagrams, charts, etc.
Questions will be posted at about 5:55 p.m. Tuesday December 6. Please submit via email at: by 8:30 p.m. that evening.
1. How does alienation affect moral reasoning related to public offices? Is alienation in the Russian
context similar or different than to that of the Tea Party or Occupy Wall Street in the US?
2. Is the Golden Rule a reasonable standard for ethical action in the public sphere? Support your
response with one or two course readings.
3. In reference to ethics, what is the difference between “thinking” and reasoning?
4. Does the fact that women officers and enlisteds in the USCG score higher than male
counterparts on the DIT invalidate Gilligan’s argument that Kohlberg’s theory does not account
for a women’s perspective?
5. What is the difference between whistle-blowing and guerilla action?
6. Explore passion (in its varying connotations) in relation to ethical public service (relating to other
course readings).