Advance Notice of Importation of Pet Rodent or Pet Rabbit into

Advance Notice of Importation of Pet Rodent or Pet Rabbit into Ireland
I hereby give notice of the movement into Ireland of the pet(s) described below:
Name of Owner: ___________________________________________________
Email____________________ Telephone______________ Fax _____________
Description of Animal(s):______________________________________________
Purpose of movement to Ireland- change of residency/ vacation (delete as appropriate)
Address of Premises of Departure:____________________________
Address of Premises of Destination:____________________________
Proposed Date of entry into Ireland:_____________________________________
Name of person accompanying animal(s)_________________________________
(State if Cargo Company)_______________________________________________
Expected date of arrival into Ireland:____________________________________
Port of Entry into Ireland ______________________________________________
Means of Transport
By Air – Flight No and Carrier __________________________________
By Sea – Name of Vessel and Container No _______________________
By Land – Vehicle No. ________________________________________
I, the undersigned, being the owner of the pet(s) the subject of this Advance Notice which I am
transporting to Ireland (or which is being transported on my behalf by the Cargo company named
above) declare that the pet animal(s)
Was born in captivity
Does not show any obvious signs of disease
Signed: _______________________
Date ________________________
Advance notice of at least 1 working day prior to importation to be given to the Department of
Agriculture, Food and the Marine.
Please complete and return this form by email to: [email protected] or Fax to
Number:+353 1 6619031
Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Animal Health Division (Live Trade) Floor 3 Centre,
Agriculture House, Kildare Street, Dublin 2