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Safety Data Sheet

1 Identification of the substance/preparation and of the company/undertaking

Identification of the product

Catalogue number(s) B1518

Product Name: Platinum Silica Catalyst.

Manufacturer/supplier identification

As listed above

2 Composition/information on ingredients

Chemical characterisation



Silica Gel amorphous




3 Hazard identification






TLV mg/m3



Typical % by weight



No unusual fire or spill effects. Moderate long-term and inhalation health risk.

Eyes: May cause mechanical irritation if exposed to large amounts of dust.

Skin: Prolonged or repeated contact may cause irritation.

Inhalation: May cause dryness to mucous membranes and respiratory tract irritation.

Ingestion: No adverse effects axpected.

Medical Conditions Aggravated:

Chronic Over Exposure: May cause irritation.

Acute: Not available.

Carcinogenicity: None.

4 First aid measures

Eye contact: Irrigate thoroughly with water for at least 15 minutes. If irritation occurs seek medical attention.

Inhalation: Procedures not normally needed. If exposed to excessive levels of dust or fumes, remove to fresh air and seek medical attention.

Skin Contact: Procedures not normally needed. If skin contact occurs wash off thoroughly with soap & water. Remove contaminated clothing and wash before re-use. If irritation develops seek medical advice.

Ingestion: Procedures not normally needed. If large quantities are ingested, seek medical advice.

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5 Fire-fighting measures


Special risks

Hazardous combustion products: May release flammable gases.

Not a fire or explosion hazard. However, contact with methanol or ethanol may cause vigorous reaction, releasing flammable gases with a large amount of heat and a possible explosion.

Suitable extinguishing media

As appropriate for surrounding fire.

6 Accidental release measures

Wear appropriate protective clothing.

Clean up spills immediately. Observing precautions in the protective equipment section. Sweep up, then place into a suitable container for disposal. Avoid generating dusty conditions.

Ventilate area and wash spill site after material pickup is complete.

7 Handling and storage


Wash thoroughly after handling. Avoid generating or breathing dust. Avoid contact with skin and eyes.


Keep container closed. Store in a cool, dry area away from incompatible substances.

8 Exposure controls, personal protection

As appropriate to the situation and the quantity handled.

Respirator: NIOSH approved dust mask if exposure exceeds TLV.

Ventilation: General; local exhaust ventilation as necessary to control any air contaminants to within their PEL or TLV during the use of the product.

Gloves: Gloves

Eye protection: Safety glasses with side shields.

Other precautions:

9 Physical and chemical properties

Form: Black granules.

Odour: None reported

Freeze-melt point: 1700’c (3092f)

Specific gravity: 2.1 to 2.2

Solubility in water: Insoluble.

10 Stability and Reactivity:


Incompatibilities with other material: Fluorine or fluorine containing compounds, particularly HF.

Avoid strong oxidisers.

Hazardous decomposition products: May release flammable gases in reaction with methanol or ethanol.

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11 Toxicological information

No data available

The product should be handled with the care usual when dealing with chemicals.

Further data

12 Ecological information

No data available

13 Disposal considerations

Chemical residues are generally classified as special waste, and as such are covered by regulations which vary according to location. Contact your local waste disposal authority for advice, or pass to a chemical disposal company.

14 Transport information

Not regulated. (IATA, IMO & RID/ADR)

Hazard class – none

UN number – not listed

15 Regulatory information

Labelling according to EC directives


S-phrases: S22

Do not breathe dust


Local regulations

16 Other information

Reason for alteration: Addition of Safety Phrase S22 Do not breathe dust.

Revision Date: 29 th May 07

Revision number: 1

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