description of the department for ects

Academic Year : 2015-2016
4 ECTS credits
Total 3 weeks
Date : 01.07.2015
5 year
Lectures: 12 h/week
Clinical practice: 24 h/week
in Turkish
Prof. Dr. Ayhan AKBULUT
Prof. Dr. Kutbeddin DEMİRDAĞ
Prof. Dr. Mehmet ÖZDEN
Yrd. Doç. Dr. Affan DENK
Aims and Objectives of the Course
The main purpose of the program is to train for prevention, early diagnosis, and treatment of
community and hospital acquired infectious diseases.
Students are trained during lectures, practical sessions, and daily rounds at the Department of
Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases. Students also attend to the meetings organized
for the train residents. Practical sessions also covered by the same department for two hours
daily. Students find a chance to present and discuss a patient during daily tours.
During this period, they find a chance to meet patients and parents, to prepare the file of the
patient and to do physical examination. They also learn emergency and/or invasive procedures
during their stay.
Course contents
Food poisoning
1. Infectious Diarrhea
2. Acute viral hepatitis
3. Brucellosis
4. Malaria
5. Helminthiasis
6. HIV infection and AIDS
7. Infectious mononucleosis and CMV infections
8. Sepsis
9. Rationale antibiotic use
10. Meningitis and encephalitis
11. Common cold and flu
12. Salmonellosis
13. Rabies and Tetanus
14. Hospital Infections
Assessment Methods
If student can be successful by written exam at the end of the program, they deserve physical
examination, oral exams, and laboratory examinations. Every student must achieve at least
60% of written exam to be considered as successful.
Prerequisite / Recommended
Textbook/Recommended Reading
Braunwald H., Fauci A.S., Kasper D.L., Hauser S.L., Longo D.L., Jameson J.L., “Harrisons’
Principles of Internal Medicine”, 15th edition, McGraw-Hill Professional, (2001)