Volunteer to work with JustFaith graduates right now

Volunteer to work with JustFaith graduates right now. Projects include:
STITCH NICHE: We are establishing groups of people who get together for
charitable knitting, crocheting, or any other kind of charitable sewing or
needlework. Also a group to accomplish the parish weaving project is forming.
Call Karen Corda (452-0907) or Therese Griffith (453-8544) if you are interested.
RECYCLING: One of the principles of Catholic social teaching is to take care of
God’s Creation. We have chosen to address recycling, and would like to
encourage Holy Spirit parishioners to recycle by making it as easy as possible.
First drop off weekend is Nov 8 and 9. Call Therese Griffith (453-8544) or Cindy
O’Connell (761-6438) if you are interested in helping with this ministry.
CIRCLE OF FRIENDS: We are going to develop a ministry where parishioners
can offer help to each other when needed, starting with a “circle of friends”
concept. Parishioners will be able to volunteer as much or as little time as they
wish. Call Karen (452-0907) or Therese (453-8544) if you are interested or have
a need to be met.
LEGISLATIVE ACTION: This group will be working on legislative issues for the
upcoming legislative session as well as national issues. Call Jerry Clark (7617443) or Sr. Rita Kohut (761-6443) if you are interested. A trip to Helena will be
scheduled in Feb 09.
FELLOWSHIP: We are facilitating evening meals once a month after the 4:30
p.m. Saturday Mass. We have had three dinners and the next dinners are
scheduled for November 22 and December 13. The Knights of Columbus will
cook Swiss steak in January. If you are interested in helping with this ministry,
call Karen Corda (452-0907).