Fieldwork Teacher Checklist

Binghamton University
School of Education
Fieldwork Evaluation
Student________________________________ Teacher _______________________________
School ________________________________ Best Phone #___________________________
SOE Contact __________________________________________________________________
Thank you so much for hosting our student in your classroom and helping us develop the next
generation of teachers. Please help us evaluate your student’s potential for teaching by
completing this checklist. If you have any questions, please contact us.
Please return your completed evaluation in a sealed envelop with your signature across the seal,
and give it to your student to return to her/his advisor.
Does the student in your classroom do the following?
Take initiative
Show enthusiasm
Have a positive attitude
Pick up on your cues
Ask questions
Take feedback appropriately
Help you in your classroom
Communicate requirements of upcoming assignments in a timely manner
Help students
Treat students fairly
Build rapport with students
Behave professionally in his/her dealings with students
Understand that he/she is a teacher to students, not a friend
Arrive punctually
Dress appropriately
Come to school clean and well groomed
Keep information confidential
Support the school, its staff and policies
If you have any major concerns about the SOE student in your classroom, please elaborate
below. In the event that we need to follow up with a phone call, please include here the best
phone number to reach you.
Comments (Use the back of this sheet if necessary):