Applications for Course Development Stipends

The Scholarship of Engagement Faculty Learning Community:
Best Practices in Service Learning and Community-Based Research
Course Development Application
The Service Learning Program and Manresa for Faculty in the Center for Teaching and Learning
invite you to apply to become a part of the Scholarship of Engagement (SOE) Faculty Learning
Community. The SOE community will focus on best practices in service learning and communitybased research. Full or part-time faculty chosen to participate in this community will receive a
$2,000 stipend for creating and developing a new service learning course. Faculty will be required
to participate in five SOE meetings including a two-day faculty workshop and community bus trip
in May 2010. A limited numbers of awards are available.
Applicant Name:
Office Phone Number:
Name and course number of the course you wish to enhance:
Number of semesters you have taught the course:
This course is offered (circle one):
I plan to teach this course beyond the ’10-’11 school year:
I understand that by committing to this faculty learning community I am responsible for attending
at least five of the learning community meetings and faculty development opportunities. I also
realize that I will need to submit my revised syllabus by August 6, 2010 for peer review and
feedback. My stipend for participating in this opportunity is $2,000 and will be paid in June 2010.
Applicant’s Signature
As the department chair, I support the above applicant’s interest and participation in this
Dept. Chair’s Signature
I. Describe the content of this course. What are the learning objectives for this course and how
might those objectives be met through service learning? If you have taught this course before,
please include a copy of your current syllabus at the back of this application.
II. Why are you interested in being a part of this faculty community?
IV. How do you think the SOE Faculty Learning Community opportunity will:
 Enhance your teaching
 Improve student learning
 Further develop your opportunities for community engagement
 Support opportunities for your research/publication
V. We would like each Scholarship of Engagement Faculty Community member to focus on at least
three areas of “best practice” as they work to integrate the pedagogy of service learning. Please
choose three of the areas below and discuss how you will incorporate these best practices into
your course.
 Learning Assessment
 Course Integration
 Critical Reflection
 Community Engagement and Partnership
 Community-Based Research
 Publication
VI. In a short paragraph please describe how you might integrate service learning into your
course. Kim Jensen Bohat will meet with faculty proposing new service learning courses prior to
the end of the Spring 2010 semester to help with more intensive planning and placement
APPLICATIONS ARE DUE: March 31, 2010- please email to [email protected]