Dean`s Verger - Ripon Cathedral

(Part Time)
Job Description
Reports to:
Head Verger
Hours of Work:
5.75 hours per week in accordance with established shift arrangements
(currently 1.45pm to 7.00pm Saturdays with additional shifts as required)
Rate of Pay:
£6.53 per hour A higher rate is payable for work after 7.00pm
Normal Place of Work:
Ripon Cathedral
Overall Purpose:
Under the direction of the Head Verger, to work as part of the Verger Team to ensure the security,
care and orderliness of the Cathedral; make preparations for services and uphold the dignity of
worship; and cooperate with the clergy, churchwardens, select vestry, sidespersons, music staff,
guides and Welcomers to extend a warm and Christian welcome to all visitors.
Principal Responsibilities
Participate as an active and flexible member of the Verger Team.
The Verger works in accordance with the established shift arrangements and the duty rota
prepared by the Head Verger, and is flexible in undertaking a share of overtime commitments to
ensure full cover for the Cathedral during open hours.
Ensure effective communication with other members of the team in order to coordinate efforts.
Undertake the necessary training, coaching and personal development to ensure the proper
execution of the liturgical and ceremonial roles and to remain up to date with the developing
requirements of the Cathedral.
The security of the building and its contents.
When on duty the Verger is principal key holder and provides for the opening, closing and
security of the Cathedral and its contents.
Ensure the proper operation of fire detection and intruder alarms, and cooperate with the Head
Verger in arranging their testing and maintenance.
As part of the team share the responsibility of responding to emergency call outs, and liaise with
police & other agencies as necessary.
Preserve and protect the furniture, fittings and fabric.
Identify maintenance and repair requirements and undertake small repairs from time to time.
Highlight significant requirements to the Head Verger.
Strictly comply with the established cash handling and security arrangements.
Preparation for Services and Sacristy duties.
Under the direction of the Head Verger and Residentiary Canons to provide the correct liturgical
requirements and setup for altar furnishings, vestments, linen and vessels, books etc. for
As delegated by the Head Verger, ensure their proper care, preparation, laundry and cleaning,
maintenance and repair.
If requested, monitor and order liturgical supplies (wine, wafers and candles, incense, palms
etc.) as required, and control expenses within the established budget.
Attend services and other events as required and adequately fulfill all ceremonial and liturgical
Cleaning the Cathedral.
Participate with the other Vergers and the Cleaner in a regular cleaning rota, and with any extra
efforts for major occasions.
Take care in the operation of cleaning equipment and the use of ladders and in any associated
lifting. Maintain a high standard of cleanliness, tidiness and orderliness in the Cathedral.
Arranging furniture for worship and events.
Prepare for, participate in, and clear up after the Cathedral services and events as required by
the duty rota.
Liaise with event organisers to meet their requirements regarding furniture, staging, heating,
lighting etc.
Move and arrange furniture and erect and dismantle staging as required, liaising with the
Grounds/Maintenance Team to coordinate physical effort.
If casual labour is assigned for specific tasks in connection with concerts or other special events,
ensure they are adequately briefed, participate with them, and oversee their work methods and
safety as delegated by the Head Verger.
Participate in the proper cleaning up and reordering of the Cathedral after events, and the
setting-up and removal of all displays, exhibitions and notices within the Cathedral.
Undertake the appropriate raising, lowering, custody and repair of flags. Flags to be flown on all
designated flag days in accordance with established safety procedures.
Operation of the sound, heating and lighting systems.
Be familiar with the proper and economic operation of lighting, heating and sound systems for
services, special events and everyday requirements following established operating practice and
procedures with particular regard to safety and energy conservation.
Health and safety.
Observe all established health and safety procedures, and undertake on-going training to remain
up-to-date. In particular, strictly comply with the safety line procedure for working at height.
Be alert to the health and safety of all visitors to the Cathedral and take appropriate action to
avoid hazards. Highlight any hazards or breaches to the Head Verger or the Director of
Correctly record any accidents, injuries or ‘near misses’ and, if suitably qualified act as First
Liaison with other departments.
Ensure clear and effective communication is maintained with other Cathedral departments and
volunteers including: Chapter, clergy, Cathedral Office, Music, Shop, Churchwardens, Select
Vestry, sidespersons, volunteers, guides and welcomers.
Welcome and visitor interaction.
Extend a warm welcome and offer assistance to all visitors.
Work with colleagues and volunteers to further the ministry and mission of the Cathedral and of
the wider church and to build up the Body of Christ.
Encourage appropriate behaviour within the building and associated premises, and the
maintenance of an atmosphere and environment suitable for a sacred place.
The Verger will undertake any other duties as the Head Verger may from time to time require.
Person Specification
Willingness to promote the Mission and Vision of the Cathedral. Capable of contributing to the
ordered conduct of the liturgy and the Cathedral’s various events and activities through being
part of the public face of the Cathedral when on duty.
Ability to work as a flexible and enthusiastic team member, coupled with an ability to exercise
individual initiative as required.
Tact, diplomacy, courtesy, respect for others, and firmness in dealing with occasionally disruptive
Clear and effective communicator
Familiarity with PC office software and systems
Ability to understand and carry out detailed liturgical and ceremonial duties
Willingness to work cooperatively with the wider Cathedral teams to assist in building up the life
of the Cathedral Community.
Sensitivity to the needs of Cathedral visitors.
Ability to work alone, sometimes for long periods.
Administrative experience and proven honesty when dealing with money.
Ability to stay calm under pressure.
Ability to lift and carry furniture, climb stairs, walk with dignity and stand unaided for significant
periods of time. A good head for heights and ability to work with ladders.