Conserve Me Programme Outline

The Schools Programme: An overview
Conserve me’s schools programme was conceived as a 6 session project that
introduces students to some of the key issues in conservation science whilst
underlining the fundamental importance of scientific research.
Supporting students to explore the world around them by carrying out an
experiment and reporting back is a key objective of the programme.
From the outset though we wanted the programme to be flexible and this
flexibility ensures that we can work with your school.
The programme is fully scalable and therefore suitable for all age groups by
altering the depth of coverage and the activities that students undertake.
1. Introductory session: defining key terms and framing the
What is biodiversity?
How many species are there? What we know and what we don’t!
What’s happening to biodiversity?
Conservation: why bother?
2. Impacts on biodiversity: How is it lost?
Key concepts of Land use change, pollution, non-native species and
overexploitation explored
3. Why should we conserve biodiversity?
Another look at the different practical and philosophical motivations for
conserving biodiversity before focusing in on ecosystem services
4. How to conserve biodiversity
An introduction to practical conservation measures
A focus on the work of conservation scientists
5. Practical work
The student’s chance to explore the biological world for themselves by
gathering some data
6. Data analysis and programme summary