IB ESS Topic 3.4 Understanding 2 and 3

Topic 3.4 Conservation of Biodiversity
Understanding 2:
International, governmental and non-governmental organizations are involved in conserving
and restoring ecosystems and biodiversity, with varying degrees of effectiveness due to their
use of media, speed of response, diplomatic constraints, financial resources and political
Using the logos:
1. Is the organization an IGO, GO or NGO?
2. What are its main aims?
3. How does it accomplish these aims?
These organizations operate in different ways. In their dealings with people, some work at
government level while others work with local people “in the field”. To bring about change,
some work conservatively by careful negotiation while others are more radical and draw
attention to issues in the media.
Place the organizations show above on the following axes.
Desk-based research
Field based research
Understanding 3: Recent international conventions on biodiversity work to create collaboration
between nations for biodiversity conservation.
4. When was the UNEP formed?
5. What are UNEP’s responsibilities?
6. What is the World Conservation Strategy (WCS)? Who set it up and why?
7. What are the main objectives of WCS?
8. What were the main objectives of the “Earth Summit” of 1992?
9. What is Agenda 21?
10. What was the outcome of the UN Millennium Summit, held in 2000?