Stevens Prep Academy Science courses
BOOK: Various materials and books used, this is very much a hands on course.
The study of geology helps students clarify their understanding of the structure of Earth
and the dynamic processes that have shaped and continue to shape it. In the Geology
Elective Core, students conduct field and laboratory investigations, use scientific
methods during investigations, and make informed decisions based on critical thinking
and problem solving. Topics emphasized include plate tectonics, Earth’s materials,
geologic dating, internal and external geological processes, hydrology, and geology as it
relates to the state of Alabama.
Students will
 develop and use critical thinking skills use scientific methods  develop and
use technology skills apply knowledge and skills learned to practical questions and
problems place theories and discoveries of significant persons into a historical
perspective  use clear and accurate language  keep accurate records 
reports  present oral and written projects participate in discussions regarding the
results and conclusions of scientific investigations practice safe field and laboratory
investigations to illustrate scientific concepts and principles and
to support inquiry-based instruction. Prerequisite science course for the Geology Elective
Core is the Physical Science Core or the Chemistry Core.
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