rock outcrop

AS Level Geology
Transition activity
Visit a site of geological interest; perhaps a disused quarry, a cliff face at a
beach or a rock outcrop in a hill or mountain region (under no
circumstances put yourself at risk). Make a pencil sketch of the site
including measurements of bed thickness and angles and descriptions of
the rocks present; try to find out which rocks occur at the site. Write a brief
report about your visit.
Examine the building stone used in an area you live in or visit. Find out
how the building stone relates to the geology of the area. Write a brief
report about your work.
Make a detailed sketch of a fossil including measurements. Find out what
creature or plant formed the fossil, where, when and how it lived and the
conditions that existed at that time. Write a brief report about your work.
Your work should be brought to your first Geology lesson at Henley.
Additional resources and books that you may find interesting:
Earth heritage an online magazine about geology
British Geological Survey
Planet Earth Online (NERC)
Furnace of Creation, Cradle of Destruction, Roy Chester
Reading the Rocks, Marcia Bjornerud
The Earth An Intimate History, Richard Fortey