Philanthropy Form

SUNY Brockport Office of Campus Life
Fraternity and Sorority Philanthropy/Community Service
Project Report
This form has been developed to aid in reporting of campus/community service/philanthropic
projects in which Greek organizations have sponsored and/or participated.
Please type your responses legibly and completely to the best of your ability. Please complete one
form per service/philanthropy project.
Representative Completing Form (name):
Phone Number:
Name of Community Service/Philanthropy Project:
Brief Description of Project Activities:
(Please be sure to include the name of the organization with which you were working if you were volunteering for a pre-existing event.)
Date of Community Service/Philanthropy:
Start Time:
End Time:
Approximate Total Duration of Service:
Location of Event:
Number of Members Involved:
List any other organizations, clubs, and/or academic departments involved with this community
service/philanthropy project:
Check here if there were no other groups involved with your project:
Did the community service/philanthropy project raise money for a charity? Yes □ No □
If yes, Amount Raised: $
Charity Recipient:
Did the community service/philanthropy involve a donation of food or other items (i.e. clothing,
toiletries, blankets, etc.) Yes □ No □
If yes, what donated?
Charity Recipient: