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First Two-Day Seminar in
February or March 2015
The purpose of Global Leadership Forum (GLF) is to explore and enhance philanthropic leadership in
the global arena. Three seminars are organized over three seasons (with shorter monthly meetings in between) to
create community, continuity and support amongst a cohort of eight participants.
The Need
Leaders of global philanthropy have a unique set of challenges:
 Pressing leadership and management issues
 Cross-cultural understanding
 How to guide from a distance
 Theory of Change and how it informs giving strategies
 Sustainable funding models
 Strengths and Challenges; developing staff to complement your abilities
 Strategies for work-life balance
 New organizational forms, partnerships and business models
 Managing through different stages of organizational evolution
The Program
The above challenges will inform the curriculum of the program. The eight participants will identify
top needs and priorities through a pre-forum survey. In addition, the three seminars will include
the following components:
 Participant-specific and group-centered problem-solving
 Evaluation: from inquiry to impact
 The Five Most Important Questions You Will Ever Ask About Your Organization (Drucker)
 Leadership Assessment and Development
 Trends, new perspectives and innovations in Philanthropy
Deeper understanding of current trends and opportunities
A collaborative learning community of leaders
Greater self-knowledge as a leader
New strategic and operational best practices for your giving
Principal Leaders
Bob Ness, principal of Ness Consulting, has worked internationally for 30 years with a focus on strategic planning,
innovation, executive development, conflict transformation and organizational development. He has worked
internationally with profit and nonprofit groups in 45 countries.
Peter Blomquist, principal of Blomquist International, focuses on organizational development, philanthropy, and
global engagement. An instructor at Seattle University, Peter previously served
in leadership roles with Mercy Corps, Global Partnerships, the Starbucks Foundation and CARE.
Cost: $3,500 ($500 to Scholarship Fund)