Appendix I - University of California, Irvine

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Appendix I
University of California, Irvine
Institutional Review Board
Ethnographic research, also called fieldwork, involves observation of and interaction with the persons or
groups being studied in the group's own environment, often for long periods of time.
Fieldwork research proposals often do not fit a traditional research design or IRB review model. However,
the same principles for protection of subjects’/subjects’ rights and welfare apply in these studies.
Ethnographic research that is conducted outside of the United States may be required to satisfy the
human subjects requirements of another nation as well as those of the United States. The American
Anthropological Association has a long standing ethics committee, and it may be useful to consult its
1. Describe the research locations:
If this is international research, Appendix H should also be completed
2. Describe how you chose these particular settings:
3. Who is responsible for providing permission to conduct research in these settings?
4. How will you handle situations in which permission from the group is provided but individuals do not
want to participate and vice versa?
5. Will you consult with the people who gave you permission to collect data before you publish? Explain: