SOCI 6090 Selected Topics in Empirical Methods: Fieldwork in

SOCI 6090 Selected Topics in Empirical Methods: Fieldwork in Sociology
This course provides an introduction to field methods as an approach to data
collection and analysis in sociological research. The objectives are twofold. The
first is to familiarize students with the intellectual tradition of fieldwork and the
main methodological and ethical issues it raises. To this end we will read a
number of ethnographies and discuss research design and logistics, the role of
the researcher, representational and interpretative strategies, and the strengths
and limitations of field methods.
The second objective is to provide “hands on” experience in the practical aspects
of ethnographic fieldwork. Students will be expected to develop a research
question, pick a field site, conduct field research, and keep notes on your
experience. You will also lead a discussion of the readings for one class, present
your research in a simulated “conference setting in the final week of class, and
write a seminar paper. The course thus provides an opportunity for you to either
continue existing research or begin a pilot project.