Loneliness Essay Plan

Consider the theme of loneliness in the novel ‘Of Mice and Men’.
Suggested Essay Plan
 Explain that there are many characters in the novel who can be considered as lonely (mention them)
 Discuss BRIEFLY what makes them all lonely (age, race, sex, isolation)
Paragraph 1
 Discuss George and Lennie
 How can these two characters be considered as lonely?
 Describe what the friendship they have is like
 What do they do to combat their loneliness?
 Mention all itinerant workers and ranch men – they are all lonely and George and Lennie are exactly the
same as them – except that they have each other for companionship.
Paragraph 2
 Discuss the character of Candy
 Explain briefly what his role is
 Why is he a lonely character?
 Why does his isolation increase after his dog is shot?
 How does he try to combat his loneliness? (Buys into a friendship with George and Lennie)
 Mention what his dream in life is?
Paragraph 3
 Discuss the character of Crooks
 Explain briefly what his role is
 Why is he a lonely character?
 How does his past contribute to loneliness?
 How does he live his life? (On his own, away from any companion)
 How does he combat his loneliness?
 Mention what his dream in life is
Paragraph 4
 Discuss the character of Curley’s wife
 Explain briefly what her role is
 Why is she a lonely character?
 Discuss her life on the ranch and why she is alienated by everyone
 What does her behaviour suggest about her?
 At the end of the novel, what does her loneliness cause?
Paragraph 5
 Discuss the incident in the barn.
 What brings Curley’s wife and Lennie together – why are they both there?
 Explain what happens in the barn
 How does this affect the relationship between George, Lennie and Candy?
Paragraph 6
 Summarise your findings
 Mention why the characters are lonely and what they all have in common.
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