The Danish mobile market today is characterized by an enormous development in means of
technology as well as contents, and one of the next steps in that area is towards the 3G technology.
One of the Danish mobile operators on the threshold of implementing this new technology and
launching it to the Danish market is TDC Mobil and their portal Fly. In this connection we will
study the global mobile market, as this might give an idea of what would be an inspiration or
influence to the Danish market when launching a new product. Furthermore we will reflect on
relevant theory in order to draw a picture of which strategy for TDC Mobil Fly to consider when
launching the 3G platform.
Problem definition
The above form the basis of the following problem definition:
Based on an analysis on the Japanese and Finnish mobile market, which aspects should
TDC Mobil consider when moving from 2.5G to 3G?
Which criteria of success could TDC learn from?
Which properties of the contents are of importance to the end users and when are they
willing to adopt a service?
Do the content of Fly live up to the recommendations from our findings from above?
In the search for factors that might affect the TDC Mobil’s 3G launch, we have chosen to analyze
what has happened in other parts of the world. In this context it is interesting to consider the EastAsian markets as their introduction of 3G-services has been years ahead of the rest of the world. In
order not to ignore the cultural differences and to obtain an additional point of view we have
decided to come across a Finnish analysis on the mobile market which focuses on the different
contents and which factors that have been of great importance to the consumers. Our grounds for
choosing this case are that it is an excellent supplement to our Japan study, and furthermore there
have not been many studies made on the Scandinavian market in relations to value in contents.
The material used for this assignment comes from relevant books, cases, studies and online articles.
By analyzing the development on the Japanese Market as well as considering the factors from the
survey in Finland, we want to make some answers to our problems described in the problem
definition. In order to do that we will make use of the theory touched upon in a number of cases,
hereunder including the table on mobile value categorization, which includes the time critical etc.
Another theory we will make use of is the separation of value into success criteria. We will also
refer to pricing models and business models.
The assignment will consist of an analysis based on the essence from a number of relevant cases on
the international mobile market as described above. The theory extracted from our findings we will
incorporate in our comparison and analysis of the TDC Mobil Fly.
The analysis will form the basis for evaluation of the Fly portal and on the basis of that reach to our
conclusion on which content and strategy to choose when moving on to 3G.
The focus on this assignment will be the content part of the mobile devices as well as the price
structure and revenue sharing, as these elements are vital for the broad user appeal and the success
in a wider perspective.
As a result of our natural limitations in form of time and resources we will avoid dealing with other
interesting subjects, for instance other parts of the value chain as well as the hand set part.
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