Gothic Revival Features:

Gothic Revival Features:
Make your own Graphic Dictionary
For the 13 features listed below you are to find an image that shows the feature. Copy and
paste the image into this file below
the related feature description. You
can only use one photo to show a
maximum of two of the features.
Please indicate which terms you are
showing with the photo. Give a brief
explanation of what the term(s)
Example: This photo shows a Gothic
Revival home with a cross-gabled
roof. This means that it has two
peaks facing opposite directions.
The cross-gable is very steep and
the main gable is also pretty steep.
Terms 1 & 2
To help you look at the recommend websites linked off the class website.
NOTE: This is a list of possible features, most Gothic Revival homes (wooden
construction) will have most of these features, but they may also have features of
other architectural styles:
1. Steeply pitched roof(s)
2. Cross-gabled construction
3. Decorative elements shaped like arches (May include windows and window hoods)
a. Note: these are typically pointed arches (lancet, equilateral, ogee)
4. Gabled end of the house faces the road OR a cross-gable faces the road
5. Symmetrical exterior
6. Asymmetrical interior
7. Brackets under the eaves
8. Detailed vergeboard, frieze, bargeboard (different parts of the trim)
9. Gables may have finials (most common on churches)
10. Buttresses (typically only on very large buildings, such as public buildings or
11. Decorative shingles (cut in different patterns, or different types of shingles used on
different parts of the house—often changes occur at the height where a new level
begins or in gable peaks)
12. Sometimes have a porch—usually only one storey—would have decorative railings,
and decorative trim near the roof line
13. Siding may be board and batten or wooden shingles or clapboard (clapboarding was
often used to replace wooden shingles when they were wore out)
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