December 11

GOPIG Meeting, December 11, 2009, Aurora Public Library
Present: Rob Jackson (formerly DPL, now retired); Rose Ann Taht (DPL); Jennie Gerke (CUB); Chris Brown
(DU); McKinley Sielaff (CC); Peggy Jobe (CUB); Alicia Brillon (CU LAW); Sharon Partridge (JCPL); Leanne
Walther (CUB); Lisa Nickum (CSM); Louise Treff-Gangler (Auraria), minute taker.
Announcements: Denver Public Library: now that Rob Jackson has retired, Genine Plunkett (Manager of
the Reference Services Dept.) at Denver Public Library will have overall responsibility. Reference
librarians Rose Ann That, [email protected], and Barbara Whalen, [email protected]
will also be working with the collection and may be contacted for reference questions.
State Plan – Copies will go to each director From Jim Williams, CUB Director, the week of December 18,
2009. He wants the directors to sign the agreement by January 31, 2010. Collection development plans
do not need to be revised by Jan. 31, even if they need updating. The UNC collection development plan
attached is a good model. The Colorado State Plan gives depository libraries in Colorado goals to aspire
to. Congratulations from Peggy Jobe to everyone who worked on completing the plan.
Microform scanner update – the Sunrise high speed microform scanner housed at CUB is set up in their
ILL office and several people have completed the 14 hour training, including Jennie Gerke & Chris
Brown. ILL is proceeding to digitize documents on demand. Large files are common, so those probably
will be sent to the user as a URL to download the document. The URL will be available for 2 weeks. The
Prospector request mechanism is not yet in place. The protocol for inclusion of documents in the ADR
(Alliance Digital Repository) has yet to be developed. Chris Brown will work on systematic digitization of
some government agencies reports now only on microfiche. Examples: USGS Open File Reports. Unique
MARC records will be created.
Discards Process – the new process is so much better! The Series not requiring full listing will probably
be broken down into sections soon since it is so long now. Discussion of specific titles:
Vital Statistics of the U.S. scanned pdf files are not easy to use. Several libraries plan to keep in paper:
CUB, DU at PASCAL, DPL, CC, so CUB will start to check for their needs and add it to the list.
Patterns of Global Terrorism is under consideration. DPL is keeping in addition to CUB.
C 13.10: NBS Special Publication series. This is a monographic series, which generally is not within the
scope of the Series not requiring listing. Some have been scanned, but the series is not complete. CUB &
CSM are keeping all that they have. List as usual.
Future Meeting Topics:
Census training from Jerry O’Donnell, Census Bureau Regional Office in Denver.
Library presentations on databases.
DOE Information Bridge records are to be loaded into Chinook & Prospector by CUB. They have loaded
1,000 and will load the rest, 1974 to present, approximately 220,000. Search INFORMATION BRIDGE
ONLINE to get a list.
CUB is also starting to load the CIS LexisNexis Congressional hearings for parts A & B. Limited document
delivery is available. In an emergency, call CUB at 303-492-8834 or send an ILL. Auraria will also be
loading part B.
Next Meetings for 2010:
January 22 -- DU
February 19 – Colo School of Mines – topic: Map discards. Will invite CUB & CSM map librarians. USGS
will no longer print maps for depository distribution. CSM is looking at printing large maps at their
library. A printer will be expensive, $25,000.
March 19 – JCPL
April 30 – CUB – Census training?
Sharon Partridge brought an offer: CRS report on terrorism. CUB gets all reports through LexisNexis.
The meeting adjourned to review Aurora Public Library’s discards since they have dropped depository
status. Lunch at a Mexican restaurant in Aurora followed.