Litter is garbage- like food , paper and can .Where many people
live together, litter is a problem .
People don't always put their garbage in the garbage can because
it's easier to drop paper than to dispose of it correctly.
Litter is ugly because it makes the city look dirty, and thus it spoils the
view. The wind blows papers far away and as a result they are often
difficult to catch.
When they blow against a fence, they stay there forming a wall of
garbage .Litter is a health hazard ,too .Food and garbage bring animals
which sometimes carry disease .
Some people want to control litter so they never throw litter themselves
and sometimes they work together in groups to clean up the city.
In most places , littering is against the law .
The law punishes people who throw garbage in the streets that is why
they usually pay a fine , and sometimes go to jail .
Two famous sayings in the United States are : " Don't be a litterbug "
"Every litter bit hurts "
Activity 1 :
Read the title and try to guess what the passage is about .
---------------------------------------------------------------------Activity 2:
What type of text is it ?
Write at least four words that indicate a "cause" and " effect"
Activity 4 :
Complete the cause / effect parts of the following sentences .
1- people don't always put their garbage in the garbage can because------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2-Litter is ugly thus -------------------------------------------------------------3-The wind blows the papers away ,as a result ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------4-Some people want to control litter so -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------5-The law punishes people who throw garbage in the streets that is why
Activity5 :
Read the passage about "Litter " carefully and then highlight the
cause with one color and the effect with another one .
Activity 6 :
What other problems of litter can you add .
Fill in the boxes with the correct information
Activity 7:
Complete the sentence
The purpose of the writer is to warn people---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Activity 8 :
Write two sayings in your mother tongue about "litter" .
1- ------------------------------------------2- -----------------------------------------Activity 9 :
Fill in the following chart
people put garbage out
of garbage can
it spoils----------------------------------------------
We catch disease
Activity 10 :
Write ten commandments for a cleaner environment
1- I will collect papers to recycle .
2- I will not write graffiti on walls.
3- --------------------------------------------------------4- --------------------------------------------------------5- --------------------------------------------------------6- --------------------------------------------------------7- --------------------------------------------------------8- --------------------------------------------------------9- --------------------------------------------------------10----------------------------------------------------------
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