Lesson plan: 4

Lesson plan: 4
Unit Name: Contributions of Colonial Leader John Adams
School District: Tyngsborough, MA
Date: September 1, 2009
Class and Grade:
Social Studies/Grade 5
State framework standard:
5.18 Describe the life and achievements of important leaders during the Revolution and the early
years of the United States.
Historical thinking standard
2. Historical Comprehension
3. Historical Analysis and Interpretations
5. Historical Issues -Analysis and Decision-Making
John Adams
Benjamin Franklin
John Hancock
Alexander Hamilton
Thomas Jefferson
James Madison
George Washington
Inclusion of a primary source:
music from Colonial Period
pictures of Seven Key Founding Fathers
Enduring understanding:
Roles and Contribution of Seven Key Founding Fathers
Essential Questions:
What does it mean to be a Founding Father? Who are the Seven Key Founding Fathers? Why
are they considered Founding Fathers?
Development and selection of activities and resources:
As a class we will generate ideas on what a “Founding Father” is.
Students will be assigned a Founding Father
Utilizing http://americanrevwar.homestead.com/files/FATHERS.HTM students will
research their assigned father and make a “baseball card”. Students will include “stats”for
the father, including details about their early life, political life, and their roles and
contributions as a Founding Father.
Baseball cards will be shared with classmates.
Student play “Name that Founding Father” using
Definition of “Founding Fathers”
Biographies of Founding Fathers
Making and sharing the Founding Fathers Baseball Cards will ensure that they know what a
Founding Father is, who the seven key founding fathers are and why are they considered
Founding Fathers.