Christian Principles Of Our Founding Fathers

Principles of our Founding Fathers
I believe there is strong evidence of our Founding Fathers’ mature biblical view.
Parents were urged to teach their children to read the Bible above all books, because their
firm belief was that the Constitution was incapable of ‘governing an undisciplined,
spiritually-empty people.’ We have a great need for REVIVAL in our land, to
REMEMBER-REPENT-RETURN to the God of our fathers (Rev 2:5)!
As noted in a previous letter to this newspaper the words, “Under God,” were
added to The Pledge in the 1950s. The pledge itself was not published until 1892. What
is seldom if ever noted is that the pledge was written by socialist Francis Bellamy and
actually undermines the vision of the Founding Fathers in the Declaration of
Independence, which called for “a sovereign nation of many sovereign states” (E
Pluribus Unum), and in the Bill of Rights, which added it’s clarifying voice that each
individual colony’s acceding to the Constitution would not usurp their rights as newly
individual states.
As space here is limited I encourage all Americans claiming that our nation was
NOT founded on Christian principles to spend some time researching those founding
documents. Also consider other writings such as George Washington’s farewell address
in 1796; Charles Carroll’s letters to James McHenry; Patrick Henry’s speeches and
letters… even the Frenchman Alexis de Tocqueville in his Democracy in America stated,
“All life is based on religion!”
Take a few moments to regard the principles of our first universities in your
search for The Truth… i.e. Harvard’s Precepts of 1636; Princeton’s 1746 motto: “Under
God’s Power She Flourishes”; Columbia University Seal! The murals in the rotunda…
writings and scriptures carved on memorials… all are profoundly Christian…
REMEMBER – REPENT – RETURN! Above all, pray for true revival in our land!
M.E. Henry