New Society Application Form


UGSU New Society Application Form

You can set up a Students’ Union Society for any activity or interest you like. Please state the details of your proposed Society and submit this form to the Opportunities and

Sustainability Co-ordinator, Eleanor York:

Park Campus SU

Society Name

Founding Members: We ask that each new society has at least 3 founding members to fulfil the minimum committee requirements.







Give a brief description of your intended Society. Please include the main focus of the society and its aims, examples of events you intend to run etc.

Societies have the option of charging an annual membership fee to help cover any costs the society may have. This money is held in an account by the SU and available to the society throughout the year. Please note that you can choose to have your society free to join but this will mean you will rely on other means of fundraising if you wish to make purchases/spend money on events etc.

Proposed Annual

Membership Fee