23 November 2009
Committee on Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures
Original: English
If applicable, name of local government involved:
Agency responsible: Commission of the European Communities. Health & Consumers
Directorate-General Directorate D - Animal Health and Welfare
Products covered (provide tariff item number(s) as specified in national schedules
deposited with the WTO; ICS numbers should be provided in addition, where
applicable): Porcine semen (CN 05119985)
Regions or countries likely to be affected, to the extent relevant or practicable:
All trading partners
Specific regions or countries: Canada, Switzerland, New Zealand, United States
Title of the notified document: "Draft Commission Decision of *** on importation of
semen of domestic animals of the porcine species into the Community as regards lists of
third countries and of semen collection centres, and certification requirements"
Language: English Number of pages: 25
Description of content: The purpose of this Decision is to modify the list of porcine
semen collection centres as regards the entries for Canada and the United States; to take
account of a new simplified procedure of listing and publishing the list of porcine semen
collection centres introduced by the provisions of Directive 2008/73/EC; to take account of
the certification requirements for imports of porcine semen from Switzerland to the
European Communities, established under the Agreement Between the European
Communities and the Swiss Confederation on Trade in Agricultural Products; to present the
certificate for imports of porcine semen to the European Communities in accordance with
the standardized layout of veterinary certificates as set out in Commission Decision
2007/240/EC, to align certain references in the model health certificate to the Terrestrial
Animal Health Code of the World Organisation for Animal Health.
Objective and rationale: [ ] food safety, [X] animal health, [ ] plant protection,
[ ] protect humans from animal/plant pest or disease, [ ] protect territory from other
damage from pests.
Is there a relevant international standard? If so, identify the standard:
Codex Alimentarius Commission (e.g. title or serial number of Codex standard
or related text)
. /.
Page 2
World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) (e.g. Terrestrial or Aquatic
Animal Health Code, chapter number) Terrestrial Animal Health Code of the OIE
International Plant Protection Convention (e.g. ISPM number)
Does this proposed regulation conform to the relevant international standard?
[X] Yes [ ] No
If no, describe, whenever possible, how and why it deviates from the
international standard:
Other relevant documents and language(s) in which these are available: "Council
Directive 90/429/EEC of 26 June 1990 laying down the animal health requirements
applicable to intra-Community trade in and imports of semen of domestic animals of the
porcine species" (OJ L 224, 18/08/1990) in particular Article 7(1), Article 8(1), Article 9(2)
and (3) and Article 10(2).
Proposed date of adoption (dd/mm/yy): 15 December 2009
Proposed date of publication (dd/mm/yy): 15-17 December 2009
Proposed date of entry into force: [X] Six months from date of publication, and/or
(dd/mm/yy): 15 December 2009. However, Article 1(d) shall only apply from
15 December 2009 to 31 December 2009.
By way of derogation from Article 1(b), consignments of semen for which health
certificates were issued before 31 May 2010 in accordance with the models set out in
Annex III and IV to Decision 2002/613/EC shall be accepted for imports into the
Community until 30 June 2010.
Trade facilitating measure
Final date for comments: [ ] Sixty days from the date of circulation of the notification
and/or (dd/mm/yy): As a trade facilitation measure, comments are not expected.
However, the European Communities welcome any observation to the draft document.
Agency or authority designated to handle comments: [X] National Notification
Authority, [X] National Enquiry Point. Address, fax number and e-mail address (if
available) of other body: [email protected]
Texts available from: [X] National Notification Authority, [X] National Enquiry
Point. Address, fax number and e-mail address (if available) of other body:
[email protected]